12 thoughts on “An Invitation”

  1. Ah, to bad we couldn’t be there, I’d love to hear you all again!
    It’s just a little too far ~ if only you lived closer! Smile.
    The picture looks GREAT!


  2. I sure wish we could. I would love to meet your family. I am sure it will sound amazing. God Bless. Please pass along a hello to Abigail’s Mama, and Papa too. Thanks.

  3. Love the invite picture and the instruments everyone is holding. I wish I can listen to you all play but due to the distance and I don’t have anymore vacation days I won’t able to visit you but thanks for the invite.

  4. Wonderful picture of a beautiful family!

    Have you ever thought of recording a CD of your music? We live in Virginia, so it is too far for us to attend, but I for one would love to hear you play (and if I had a CD I could hear you again and again)!

    In Christ,

    P.S. I am currently reading ‘Keeping Our Children’s Hearts’ and the Lord is using it to turn my heart to my children! I am in prayer for my husband who has not read the book, that he will be willing to do so and that the Lord will turn his heart to our children as well.
    Amen. SM

  5. The picture turned out great! Wish we were closer, to hear you sing. We are in South FL and heard your conferences at FPEA a few years ago, but no singing! 🙁 Maybe some day.

    I also wanted to quickly say to Sarah that I am reading through the Moody series with my younger children, my older ones enjoyed it when it first came out. My son, 6, is absolutely loving it and never wants me to stop reading. We just finished Autumn and will start Winter tonight when we read before bed. Thanks for offering such quality reading for young children. My little one has really been encouraged to memorize larger sections of scripture, rather than his normal one verse at a time. He and his siblings set a goal to learn all of the Christmas Story from Luke to share with the family on Christmas.

    Blessings to you all.

  6. Oh, I’d love to! Not within traveling distance for us but I’m sure it will be a wonderful, spirit-filled evening. May God bless it and you!

  7. Great picture—should make copies and send out or maybe give out at the meetings. Also loved the idea of having you all make a CD with your singing, then we could listen to it again and again. Another thing is the distance would be too great, unless we were already coming.
    God bless you all.
    We are waiting on the Lord for confirmation if that is His direction. THank you.

    In Christ Jesus,


  8. As mentioned above I repeat, I wish I could come, but distance does not allow (I’m in Australia!). I would love to hear you, so I too support the idea of a CD. Hope your tour is filled with God’s love and leading.

  9. I have loved your family for years, and our family has been so blessed by your ministry. I pray for you often (especially sweet Sarah, who shares my name!).

    So, I just felt a bit “out of it” looking at your new family picture….I found myself searching for the youngest 2 Maxwells….I quickly found Mary, but found myself asking “where is that little boy?”….Oops! He has grown incredibly tall!!! My, what a difference a year makes!

    It is wonderful to see all of you- your smiles and your love for others. Thanks for consistently sharing Jesus’ love.

    Many Blessings,


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