Tour of Uriah

(This was written on our last traveling day, Tuesday 🙂 .)

Welcome aboard, Uriah! We’d like to take a few minutes to show you around. Today is a beautiful day, with not too much wind, but you’ll still want to watch your step.

This is looking from the front of Uriah. I wish we’d taken a picture of Joseph as he took this picture. You’ll notice his recliner, on your left, is empty. That’s his spot.

Mom is the official navigator (notice the atlas in her lap). Everyone is sitting in their normal places, except for John. He goes back and forth between the jumpseat, which is up near Dad, or in Mom’s recliner, when she’s in the jumpseat, or various other places. Mom will often sit in the jumpseat, to keep Dad company.

Let’s step past our seating area, and you’ll see our little “kitchen”, or “pantry”. Our refrigerator door is held closed with a bungee cord due to its propensity to pop open when we make a curve. The microwave is secured as it sits on top of the fridge, and we’ve really enjoyed it on the trip! The taller boys have an easier reach than we girls 🙂 . The shelves the boys built right beyond the fridge have been so useful; Mom has everything organized so that we have a lunch tub with our essentials, breakfast tub with food for the boys, and other misc. boxes and tubs.

Let’s step through the doorway, and you’ll see a set of shelves on the right side, and the first pair of bunkbeds on your left. The shelves hold many miscellaneous items; we added another set this trip, and I’m not sure what we did without them!

Round the slight corner, and you’ll see our hanging clothes.

To your right, is the last set of bunkbeds, and straight ahead is the restroom on board for your convenience (but the rest stops are preferred!).

Turning around to go back up front, here’s another view.

Finally, going back up front, looking toward the back, here are four of my wonderful brothers!

Thank you for stopping in to see around our metal tent 🙂 .

Sarah for the rest

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you” (2 Thess. 3:1).

4 thoughts on “Tour of Uriah”

  1. It is amazing to see how much stuff you can fit on Uriah! I am so glad that you are all able to travel so comfortably and have some of the conveniences of home with you! But still, it must be great to be back home again!


  2. Thanks for the tour, Sarah! I always wondered what Uriah looked like inside! I half expected the last section to open up onto a lanai — it seems to go on forever! Do you all find the ride comfortable? How often do you get out and stretch? Do you have an oven (other than microwave) and sink? If necessary, is there a shower? I am just amazed that a family of 9 can travel for 5 weeks on a bus and still feel fresh and lively!

    Dear Mrs. Karen~Yes, the ride is comfortable :-). We usually stop every 3-4 hours, especially for Dad to stretch his knee, otherwise, we can go longer. We aren’t all living on the bus yet, because there are enough beds and we don’t have an oven, sink, shower, etc. We will convert it as we are able to, but for now, the boys camp out on the bus (via the bunkbeds). They bring their own towels, etc, so that they can shower in the hotel. We now only have to rent one hotel room per night since the boys camp out. Every morning, Mom schedules the shower time, since they’re are quite a few of us to get through our one hotel bathroom!


  3. Oh, that was so neat to see how you have it all set up! Great Job! Timothy, who is looking over my shoulder said, “That’s so nice…it looks just like a little house!” I reminds me a bit of when we lived in the travel trailer. You sure did a lot of work to get everything in order! Daniel would love the clothes rack. When we travel, we have to pull a covered trailer (like the one you use to pull) as the van is full to the brim with just bodies 🙂 Daniel has the trailer all set up for us, but the one thing he hasn’t done yet and really wants to do before we travel next is install a rack for our dress clothes. That will make for a lot less ironing! 🙂 Thank you so much for giving us a tour. That was fun!
    love and prayers,

  4. Okay, I can’t help myself. With all that haul, what does it cost you to fill the gas tank? How many gallons does it hold and how many miles can you go? Gas prices are so frightening — you are truly brave for the Lord.
    Uriah holds over 200 gallons and gets 7-8 miles per gallon. The Lord always provides!


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