Some More Excitement

Earlier in this trip we shared a story about how Christopher was awakened from his nap as the bus came to an emergency stop on the side of the highway (you can’t help but notice such a quick stop while riding inside the bus!) and was told by Anna that the bus was on fire. Everyone needed to get off the bus; it was quite the way to wake up!

What happened yesterday to Mom and Dad might even top that!

They were resting before the conference started, and we children were working at setting things up. They woke up rather quickly when we told them that the police needed everyone off the bus. And it was probably less than 60 seconds after the police had evacuated the bus when the shooting started. Not cap guns. Not beanbag rounds. Not pepper spray. Real guns. Even though we were safely inside the church, the gun shots were loud and startled some of the children.

The Three Police Cars
The Three Police Cars
Police Officers Conferencing
Police Officers Conferencing

But, let me back up to give you the entire story! Yesterday, after we completed our family Bible time, we began to unload the bus so we could prepare for the conference that night. I was talking with the pastor of the church, when John asked me to get my camera. I followed him out to see a raccoon in the hollow of a tree that was near our bus. We kept our distance while watching the little creature. Over time, it came out of the tree hollow and was walking (or trying to) around the grass by the bus. As we observed it, we noticed that it was acting very strange. The raccoon appeared to not have any balance, seemed to be delirious, and even seemed partially paralyzed at times.

With the conference being that evening, and the possibility of little children around the raccoon, we decided that something needed to be done with it, as we wondered whether it might be rabid. John called the non-emergency police number, and found out that the city did not have an Animal Control department. This was not a problem, though, because the dispatcher said that she would send some of “her men” out to take care of the animal. John hung up the telephone, and was walking outside when two police cars and three police officers arrived. They talked with the pastor of the church and decided that it would be best to put the animal down. The officers asked Dad and Mom (who were resting), and Christopher (working on his computer), who were all on the bus, to go into the church. The officers then fired two rounds, which quickly put the raccoon out of its misery.

Raccoon in the Tree Hollow
The cute, but very sick, raccoon in the tree hollow

Matthew 10:29 “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father?”

Everyone, including the police officers, was sad to see this little animal suffer like this. But, we live in a world were sin and disease are pandemic. Everywhere we look there are results of Adam”s choice. The ultimate result of Adam’s disobedience is the fact that everyone, who has not accepted God’s free gift through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, will face hell. I pray that everyone who reads this blog knows where they will spend eternity.

Romans 8:22 “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain until now.”

Police Officer Observing the Raccoon
Police Officer Observing the Raccoon

In Christ,

4 thoughts on “Some More Excitement”

  1. You guys have had quite the excitement this trip! I have enjoyed following you through the blog. The scenery you have been traveling through has been truly amazing. I love Fall, and way down here in S. Florida we don’t get any – your pictures have really blessed me. I am keeping you in my prayers as you finish up your conferences. Blessings.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful conference your family put on. The information you gave was helpful, practical, and Bibically based. I am looking forward to reading my “Managers of Their Homes” book this evening. You were ALL a real blessing to us. MANY THANKS!
    In Christ, Jen.

  3. When I first started reading this, I imagined something much worse…guns, police, shooting….We all enjoyed reading this, even if it meant the demise of the ‘coon.

    I pray for you daily as I read your postings. God bless you all.

  4. i wasn’t sure what to expect as i began reading today, and while i am happy that the shooting did not involve people shooting at other people, i am sad for the poor sick racoon, but he is no longer suffering. it reminded me of a conversation i had with my children when our dog died (and she was a happy member of our family) and they wanted to know if she was in heaven. i hadn’t thought of that conversation in a long time.

    we continue to enjoy hearing of your travels and conference experiences, and we keep you in our prayers always. blessings.

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