We Need Your Input!

Yesterday as we were driving, we were thinking about all the fantastic food we’ve been blessed with; it’s not been only on this trip, but other trips as well. We realized another way we might be able to share our experience with you is by posting the recipes we find exceptional and/or unique.

We wanted to come up with a creative title for the posts, so our family brainstormed some ideas. Here’s what we would like from our readers: to vote on your favorite title from our list (which is below) OR, post one that you would recommend. Some of the suggested titles we tried to keep along the lines of highway or construction signs. The title we like the best (which will be quite the chore between all nine of us) will be the title we use from now on when we post the recipes.

Road Recipes
Traveling Tastes
A Taste Away from Home
Yield to Taste
Warning: Great Recipe Ahead
Recipeinfo, Tune in to Titus2Blog
Recipe Advisory
A Taste on the Road

The Maxwells

69 thoughts on “We Need Your Input!”

  1. What a great idea!! I really like the title “A Taste Away from Home”!! Many blessings on a continued safe trip for you all!!

    Jenn W

  2. 1 vote for A Taste Away from Home (Janet)
    3 votes for Warning: Great Recipe Ahead (Jeffrey, Beth, and Jason)

  3. Here are some more:

    Turnout for Great Recipes
    The Tasty Zone (my favorite)
    Journey of Delicasies

  4. “A Taste on the Road” wins my vote. No offense to the contributor, but “Road Recipes” gave me visions of roadkill. :^)

  5. Alyssa and I really like the Warning: Great Recipe Ahead!
    It has a really nice ‘ring’ to it.
    If you decide on it, you should put it in bright red. 😉

  6. Road-Kill Crossing would not work probably 🙂 so, Traveling Tastes is fabulous 🙂
    Or, whatever you decide 🙂

  7. Love them all. I have a couple new ones that are combinations of yours: Great Tastes Away From Home or Great Tastes On the Road. And my husband suggested Tasting the Road, but I was getting a visual on that one that didn’t seem quite right!!! How about Tastes of our Travels? Recipe Mileage? Okay, I’ll stop now…

  8. Traveling Tastes get the family votes. 🙂 Glad to hear that all is going well and how much you are able to share your wonderful message with so many others.

    God bless~

    The F. Family

  9. I like “Traveling Tastes”

    We enjoy keeping up with your travels. You all have such beautiful countenances! God Bless

  10. I like the “A Taste Away from Home” best, but liked “Warning: Great Recipe Ahead” too.

  11. hey Ya’ll,
    I personally like “Road Recipes” and “Traveling Tastes”. Though I must say that they were all pretty good.
    Blessings and Well wishes! Good luck with the rest of your trip!

  12. Hello Maxwell Family-

    What a wonderful idea. 11 votes here for ” A Taste Away From Home !”
    can’t wait to see all those yummy recipes. Thank you so much for all your books and cd’s. You have helped our family in so many ways! Sarah we just love your books! Look forward to any new ones you will write! We am really enjoying your new book (homeschooling) It is wonderful. We wish we had this 13 years ago when we first started. Keep up the great job!
    Love Always-
    The M. Family 🙂 🙂 ;-0 ;-0 ;-0 :-0 🙂 🙂 :-0 😉 😉

  13. I also like “Recipe Advisory”. I think it has some strong marketing potential. For instance, you could rate your recipes – Maybe something like Category 1 – Flood your Taste buds Good, Category 2 – Fire Warning Hot and Spicy, etc.

  14. Since you guys have been taking pictures of all the Welcome signs in the different states you can “spin off” of that. I’m not creative at all so I surely can’t think of a catchy Welcome title. Anyway, I can’t wait to get some yummy recipes! Thanks.

  15. warning: great recipe ahead

    this is a wonderful idea you have, and i am so excited to see the recipes and of course, to try some out. i love to cook and i collect cookbooks (i love to read them.)
    blessings, mrs. mari

  16. Road Recipes is my favorite.
    Thanks for sharing about your travels. What beautiful pictures you have taken!

  17. A Taste Away From Home is my favorite.Thank you for such an interesting blog.

  18. Warning:Great Recipe Ahead
    But it looks like I’m outnumbered! (:
    Road Recipes sounds um well not so appetizing!

  19. Hello Maxwell’s,
    “A Taste Away From Home” gets my vote. Just love reading about you all as you travel along and spread
    God’s word. Drive safely. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  20. Hi Maxwell’s! Wow! What a great idea! I like “Traveling Tastes” or “A Taste Away from Home”. Safe travels and God Bless!


  21. Hi Maxwell’s I really enjoy reading your blog. I like “A Taste Away from Home”, and would ad to it Blessed, “A Blessed Taste Away from Home”.
    Happy and safe traveling.God bless you all.

  22. I vote for “Traveling tastes”. Thank you for the encouragement you give to me through your blog!

  23. Hi Maxwell Family!
    Here are our votes:
    Traveling Tastes – 1
    Warning:Great Recipe Ahead – 1
    A Taste Away from Home – 1
    A Taste on the Road – 3

    Sure like seeing all of your pictures, especially the fall ones.
    They are beautiful!
    May the Lord abundantly bless you!
    Praying for your weekend conference.

    Jennifer for the Y’s

  24. Warning: Great Recipe Ahead
    Recipe Advisory

    🙂 Blessings and prayers along the rest of your journey!

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