We Need Your Input!

Yesterday as we were driving, we were thinking about all the fantastic food we’ve been blessed with; it’s not been only on this trip, but other trips as well. We realized another way we might be able to share our experience with you is by posting the recipes we find exceptional and/or unique.

We wanted to come up with a creative title for the posts, so our family brainstormed some ideas. Here’s what we would like from our readers: to vote on your favorite title from our list (which is below) OR, post one that you would recommend. Some of the suggested titles we tried to keep along the lines of highway or construction signs. The title we like the best (which will be quite the chore between all nine of us) will be the title we use from now on when we post the recipes.

Road Recipes
Traveling Tastes
A Taste Away from Home
Yield to Taste
Warning: Great Recipe Ahead
Recipeinfo, Tune in to Titus2Blog
Recipe Advisory
A Taste on the Road

The Maxwells

69 thoughts on “We Need Your Input!”

  1. I like A Taste Away From Home (looks like that’s going to win anyway)
    What about “Recipes To Go”? Just a suggestion 😉

  2. My vote is for “Warning: Great recipe ahead.” They’re all great suggestions though. God bless you all and have a safe trip! Thanks again for posting all the beautiful fall pictures. I really enjoy your blog.

  3. I vote for “Warning: Great Recipe Ahead”!! I’ve been enjoying your blog, and look forward to the day my family and I can meet you. You passed thru my neck of the woods recently…NH, but sadly, we were unable to attend your conference (in Quebec). You all have been an inspiration to me in my very new homeschooling journey.

    May God continue to bless you richly.

    In Christ’s Love,

  4. Hello Maxwell Family! We love your blog – and your books! Thank you so much for your time investment in these – what a blessing! Our votes here go to: “warning: great recipe ahead” but they are all good. We wish you safe travels and if you do want to dive in and try lobster again, my vote would be a “lobster roll” – kind of “lobster salad” in a hot dog bun. You should be able to find them at most of the little shops on the shore. We look forward to tuning in to your next update!

    Sonya and family

  5. Our vote is for “Taste away from home.” Great idea!! I look forward to reading them. God bless you in your travels, Pamela in Florida

  6. A Taste away from home 🙂 Kind of reminds me of “A Taste of Home” the very popular cooking magazine.

  7. A Taste away from Home is my first choice!

    A Taste ON the Road brings to mind road-kill jokes. Yuck! It might have a double meaning that you don’t intend.

    I was really blessed to hear your family in Athens, AL a few weeks ago!

  8. Hi Maxwells!
    This is a late response, but we had fun coming up with ideas while our family was on vacation! Now we’re back and I can tell you that our ideas were: “Traveler’s Gourmet”, “The Manna Menu”, “Highway Cafe”, or Santiago’s contribution: “Eat and Run!”
    Love to you all……….

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