A Delicacy From Down Under

Yesterday’s experience: Dad wanted us to be able to try a lobster. Most of the places that would serve lobsters would be too expensive, so we opted for the “wharf” experience. Dad carefully cut the two small lobsters up, while we all watched, a bit wary of the coming “trial”.

Christopher--his lobster experience!
Christopher--his lobster experience!
Mary--trying her bite.
Mary--trying her bite.

One by one, we ate a bite or two of the lobster meat, and there were varying reactions. Anna’s??? “Palatable—but WOW!” as she shook her head and took several gulps of water. Most of us could do without a regular occurrence of eating those red scavengers that crawl across the ocean floor. We’ll stick with sandwiches 🙂 .

I was glad for water :-) .
I was glad for water 🙂 .

“O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches. 25 So is this great and wide sea, wherein are things creeping innumerable, both small and great beasts” (Psalms 98:24-25).

The Lord is blessing the Moncton, New Brunswick, conference!

Sarah for the rest

9 thoughts on “A Delicacy From Down Under”

  1. ok, i must admit that i love lobster. i don’t eat it often, but i do order here in seattle once in a blue moon when we go out to eat. it’s so sweet and tasty, amd i just love it (this coming from a vegetarian no less:)

    i love that you tried it, just for the sake of trying something new. my son, who was 12 at the time, ordered it once while we were vacationing in boston, and he was so disappointed that he didn’t like it at all. he thought he’d love it just like i did–we still laugh about this and he’s 25 now.

    thank you so much for sharing your fun time with us. keeping you in prayer for safe travels.

    i love the card melainie and nathan sent–made me smile.


  2. Ooooh that is so funny!!! I love the facial expressions! I am also shocked that all of you have never had lobster before? It’s one of my favorite foods – I absolutely love seafood, especially lobster and crab. Oh well, we all have our preferences don’t we? It probably has a lot to do with what we were raised to like.

    Those pictures are great – I’m still laughing! 😀

  3. Hi Friends,
    It’s always been my theory that people eat lobster as an excuse to consume the melted butter, garlic salt & other tasty things they’re usually served with!

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your northern adventure, and that the Lord is blessing your conferences. Thanks for posting so many beautiful photos.

    Praying for your safety!
    Lorri W. in CA

  4. Thanks for all the photo updates! We’re praying for you!! 🙂

    Oh….and yeah, the next time you try lobster (IF there is a next time! LOL) you must try it with garlic, salt and MELTED BUTTER! Yum! 🙂

    We did have melted butter, but the lobster had been chilled after being cooked. Apparently it was required that if it wasn’t a restaurant, they had to serve it cold. Even with melted butter, we didn’t find it very good. Once we warmed the meat in the microwave, it was better.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  5. When you say wharf experience do you mean you caught your own lobsters? I never cared much for the taste of lobsters either. I hear that if you soak or boil them longer than usual they lose a lot of the strong flavor (this can be used for crabs too.. it’s the only way I eat them!) I do enjoy lots of other seafoods though. I married into a Korean family and they eat a lot of shellfish.

    I loved the photo of the beautiful fall trees you posted a while back. I’ve heard that Maine is one of the most beautiful states in the fall.. you’ve picked a wonderful time to visit!

  6. Okay, that post just cracked me up! 🙂 I was reading it while waiting for Daniel to get home late last night and he arrived, walked into the room, looked at the computer screen and said, “Who is that?” to which I replied “Christopher”. He said, “Christopher who?” to which I said, “Maxwell”. Then he came closer and said, “What happened???” 🙂
    Daniel and almost all the children LOVE all seafood! Since we live within 30 miles of the Pacific and 50 miles of the Gulf of California, it is in abundance here and for pennies…or pesos. 🙂 And how the childern love it when Daddy brings home clams or crab or filets or squid or shrimp. We’ve never seen lobster sold here, but Daniel has ordered it twice in our marriage when we went out for an anniversary dinner and he just thinks it is wonderful.
    I agree with you all…I will eat it if it is served to me, but I when I cook seafood for my family (other than filets), I make sure to make lots of sides (salads, potatoes, veggies, bread) so I get filled too 🙂
    Praise the Lord for the good conference reports!
    BTW, we ate breakfast with a French Acadian who loves seafood too and he said his favorite way to cook fish is to boil it. I never heard of that, but he said it is wonderful. We will give it a try sometime.

    In Christ Jesus,

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