Number of Firsts

We just finished a refreshing day and a half on our spur of the moment stop in Star City, Arkansas. This stop held a number of firsts for us. We’ve never driven 8 hours (500 miles) on a conference day: but we started out a little before 8 a.m. and pulled in around 4 p.m. The church had two guest houses to stay in, and after we arrived, we had our family Bible time, and then we walked down to the church for dinner. Let me give a bit of background, though. Many people own small businesses in the church, and this group of businesses is clustered together in one area and called The Country Village. As we walked around over that day and a half, it reminded me of a little mountain town: pine trees, the style of the buildings, lettering on the signs, and then to top it off, pretty blue skies and cooler temperatures.

We went down to the fellowship hall, and we were delighted with the warm welcome. Dinner was delicious, and we enjoyed talking with our new friends.

After dinner, Daddy shared with the whole group that evening, and I could tell my dad was listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading as he preached. After the service was through, the Pastor announced that we would all be meeting again at 6:30 a.m.! Yes, 6:30. That was another first for us :-). Dad shared with the men the session Feed My Sheep while Mom gave Managers of Their Homes. When those were through, everyone ate at the bakery: Dad said he’s never had such a delicious cinnamon roll, and I agree!

The day was spent visiting with our new friends, looking around in the stores, lunch at the BBQ, a Ladies’ meeting where Mom shared with the women, more visiting, and a delicious dinner at the steakhouse. We were all very, very blessed by our time with this sweet church.

Another first was making such an impromptu stop:-). Dad had felt the Lord’s leading to do it, and we had the free day and a half.

We’re looking forward to Jonesboro tonight and the Memphis conference this weekend.

Sarah for the rest

2 thoughts on “Number of Firsts”

  1. I noticed the crutches.. did someone get hurt? I’m glad your tour is going so well so far 🙂

    The crutches did finally make it in the picture. Although they’re laying near Joseph, they’re actually Dad’s! A few weeks ago, Dad’s knee began really bothering him. So much so, that he decided he needed to use crutches to help him get around. He was able to visit the doctor before we left on the trip, and it’s possible he has a torn cartilage in his knee. Time will tell. For now, he’s trying to use crutches a lot of the time. It’s not easy for Daddy to be on a 5 week trip and have to use crutches to get around. It would be nice if it’s not a torn cartilage and with time it’ll heal! ~Sarah

  2. Wow, it sounds like such a wonderful town. The Country Village sounds delightful. What a neat place to be apart of, thank you for your descriptive writing- it is a real treat, Sarah.
    Also, we will be praying for your dad’s knee!

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