Behind the Scenes (ChorePacks)

Trip preparations are well under way (we’ll have to post more on that later!), and one thing we needed to do was snap ChorePacks. The ChorePacks are included with the Managers of Their Chores book, and we snap each strap onto the individual ChorePack. We like to snap the ChorePacks as a family, and we have a wonderful time talking. Friday night we had guests, and we realized this would be a perfect opportunity to snap ChorePacks while we talked with our guests.

Jesse, enjoying the conversation, as he lays another ChorePack down.


Our guests wanted to snap too. 🙂 John and Mr. L. had a grand time,
and together they accomplished many ChorePacks!


Dad and Mom are a great team!

Mrs. L and Anna – another great team!



Christopher is a “fast snapper”!

 Joseph is another great snapper!

 My job is to place the ChorePacks in copy paper boxes and layer them neatly.
When we compile the ChorePack Kits, the ChorePacks
will be easy to access. I also keep everyone supplied with materials. 🙂