A Moody Letter

Sarah received this precious letter from a little five-year-old girl saying that she wanted more books in the Moody Family series. We regularly receive these kinds of requests.

Sarah was planning to write the next Moody book over the summer, but we felt the Lord’s urgency for the Managers of Their Schools book. Therefore, Sarah’s time this summer was invested in extra household tasks to allow Teri more writing time. Although we use a professional proofreader for our books, Sarah also spent many hours proofreading and formatting the book.

The next Moody’s book has been in the planning stages for quite some time with the outline completed. Now with the Schools book completed and after our trip preparations are complete, Sarah will be prepared to move into the writing phase.

Thank you, Kimia, for your note and your encouragement.

9 thoughts on “A Moody Letter”

  1. We have really enjoyed Sarah’s precious books. Today my 9 and ten year old asked for some pictures I would not be needing and set to work on their Christmas project (in August :-). My son then asked if he could build the same gift Mitch and Max built Mollie and Maddie in “Winter with the Moodys.” What I like so much about the books is that I see my children’s hearts being touched by the way the siblings are interacting and treating each other with kindness and thoughtfulness. Sarah, my dear sister, thank you!

  2. I am so glad that you are going to be writing another Moody Book, Sarah! I was curious about it since you had covered all of the 4 seasons, if there would be another one or not. 😀

  3. Dear Miss Maxwell,

    I really like the Moody books. We have been enjoying summer with the Moodys and Autum with the Moodys. We are on Winter with the Moodys. We are liking it so far. Thank you for writing the Moody books. God bless you. I am almost 9 and my name is Hanna.


    Dear Hanna,
    I’m blessed to know you are enjoying the Moody books :-). ~Sarah

  4. Dear Sarah,
    I was very excited when I heard the Moody family was having twins and even more excited when they were born. I enjoy the books a lot and I would love it if you wrote another please.
    Susanna (UK)

  5. I was wondering what age group the Moody Series focuses on. Is it for boys and girls?

    Mrs. Karen,
    If the child is reading it himself, the reading comprehension level would be about ages 8-12. But, if it’s being used as a read-aloud, children as young as four understand it :-). The series is for boys and girls!

  6. Hi Sarah, I love the Moody books so much in the whole wide world. I’m so happy that you’re working on another Moody book. How many are you going to make? I hope you make twenty (20)Moody books! I love the bible verses you put in and I love how the kids obey their Mom and Dad! I LOVE ALL OF THE MOODY BOOKS A LOT! My name is Mackenzie and I am 11 years old.
    Mackenzie–Thank you for your encouragement on the Moody books! I’m not sure how many more books there will be; that is up to the Lord Jesus :-). I’ll follow His leading!!! ~Sarah

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