House Work in Pictures

We wanted to post an update on the house work. Mom’s last post was about the tiling. After the tile was laid and then grouted, we had to scrape the extra grout up.

It was a hot Saturday 🙂 (and the air conditioners hadn’t been installed yet).

We rented a floor buffer, and the boys took turns running it.

Dad has started the final coat of paint.

The same afternoon I was taking this picture, I wondered where John was. Dad told me to go to the window and look out, and I’d find him, and when I did, there he was, working on building a small retaining wall.

John working on a project

A big project this week was tiling the backsplash along the kitchen cabinets.

Hmmm... (Anyone notice where his pencil is?)
Hmmm... (Anyone notice where his pencil is?)
Working on that backsplash!
Working on that backsplash!

This morning, Mom and I worked on cleaning the windows in preparation for Dad painting them (and, by the way, Mom, Happy Birthday, only a few hours early (her birthday is Sunday)).

Mom cleaning a window
Mom cleaning a window
Sarah working on a window
Working on cleaning windows!

The girls organized two sets of rolling shelves in the basement.

My Sisters - Anna and Mary
My Sisters - Anna and Mary

And for a few miscellaneous photos…

Honey sometimes gets thirsty at the new house.

Jesse cleaning off paint brushes
Jesse cleaning off paint brushes
Joseph working with the backsplash in the bathroom
Joseph working with the backsplash in the bathroom

Thanks to Anna for picking out all the pictures 🙂 .

Joyfully His,

3 thoughts on “House Work in Pictures”

  1. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday, dear Mrs. Maxwell…
    Happy Birthday to you!!

    May the Lord bless you this year, and may we all draw nearer to Him in the upcoming days!
    Mae in VA

  2. The backsplash tile in the kitchen is beautiful! Did you choose how to lay it out (with all the contrasting colors)? It’s so pretty! What material did you choose for countertops? We are just doing ours and have had to hire it out since we can’t cut the material ourselves. Would love to hear more about your project!

    These photos are great — go Maxwells!
    We tiled all the main floor as the tile was less expensive than carpet. Tile we can lay, carpet we can’t and besides tile lasts longer. The same way with the kitchen. The countertop is granite tile and actually the same price as to purchase a formica countertop. The negative is there are a few very small grout joints, but we are pleased with how it has come out so far. We still have to trim the edge with wood. We could have purchased some fancy granite tile pieces to finish the edge, but they are very expensive and are a little vulnerable to coming off. So we opted for an oak trim.

    It isn’t difficult to cut the tile. The saws can be rented quite inexpensively. You can’t even get hurt with the saw as the blade has no teeth. Small diamonds are embedded in a metal disk and you can even put a finger angainst it and not get cut.

    The backsplash is called travertine and we bought it at the Tile Shop. (When we travel, we have seen Tile Shops just about everywhere.) The colors are all mixed in the box and Joseph had to keep an eye on what he pulled out so they would be random when he put them up. It is sealed after it is grouted and we choose the sealer that brings out the color even more. We felt Joseph did a great job.

    This whole house is one big vo-tech project for John and Joseph to learn on. (It’s great, no bad influences in this one!!) That is what they wanted and they have not been disappointed.

  3. Thanks for sharing these pictures of your family hard at work! All of you are doing an awesome job!

    Happy late birthday, Mrs. Maxwell! I hope you had a wonderful day! 🙂

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