August Dad’s and Mom’s Corners

Tuesday we e-mailed out the August Dad’s and Mom’s Corners. To read the Mom’s Corner, on a subject Mom has had some questions on, you can go to this link.

Dad’s Corner is another in a series on deception, and this Corner is a very important one. You can click here to read it.

You can also view the full HTML version of the Corners, including our introductory note with upcoming conferences, etc., here.

If you aren’t subscribed to the Dad’s and Mom’s Corners monthly e-mail, we welcome you to sign up. The list is kept strictly confidential.

We are always delighted to be able to share with you each month! 🙂

Blessings in Jesus,

One thought on “August Dad’s and Mom’s Corners”

  1. We loved the scripture memory idea. Now John 1:1-5 is posted by our kitchen table and we’ve been practicing. Thank you!

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