A Cheery Greeting

A cheery “great to see you girls out today” ended a brief two or three sentence interaction with a lady jogger as Mom and I walked this morning. Her spark of joy and comment brightened my morning. Later at home, it was announced that Yellow Freight had arrived. Ah—the sticky tac for the Scheduling Kits was here. I went to the door and exchanged a few words with the driver as I signed the paper. He pleasantly asked me how my morning had gone, which surprised me as most of us are used to the simple, “Hello.”

As I thought about these two situations, I was struck by the impact of something more than a simple “hello.” May each of us reflect Christ’s love to those we see daily.

Joyfully His,

5 thoughts on “A Cheery Greeting”

  1. I enjoy the pleasant greeting in the morning also. I work in a big corporation and when people is nice in the morning my morning goes smoothly but when I encounter rude people it makes my day harder and wonder if they woke up on the side of the bed especially when it is so early in the morning. I love cheery people. 🙂

  2. I’m thankful you placed this up Sarah! It encourages me so much to greet others cheerfully! This morning I was just studying on joy and this is an excellent accompainement. I’m sure the Lord brought those 2 people in your life for you and others here on the web! May God’s Light Shine to the World through our words!!

  3. I agree that a friendly word and a smile, even from a stranger, can brighten one up considerably:) It’s interesting how the Lord made us to be so social, so interdependent on one another… even when we don’t realize it.

  4. Great post, Sarah!
    I find our grocery shopping is so very pleasant and even fun when we go beyond, “hello”. =)

  5. what a wonderful way to begin each day by greeting a stranger with a smile and a kind hello and care.

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