An Interesting “Event”

What would you think if you saw a “rope” going across the sidewalk? Well, at first glance it looks like an odd sort of “rope”, but upon closer inspection, you see thousands of little “insects” sliding across the cement.


Christopher was finishing out his exercise with some stretches, when he discovered these terrible looking insects. He came home, called the widow who lived at that house, and then came to her rescue with insect “killer” spray. From what I heard described, I thought this could possibly be a Moody adventure, so I hurried out with my camera. The lady contacted our local extension office, and they assured her that she didn’t need to be concerned. Farmers will even use these little guys for something beneficial. So although they were pretty disgusting (just be glad you weren’t the cat that stepped in them!), it was nice to know we don’t have neighborhood invaders!

John helped get this “close up” photo.

Joyfully His,

7 thoughts on “An Interesting “Event””

  1. Hi Sarah-
    What kind of insects are those? I never seen those at NJ. I agree lucky the cat didn’t step on it. That’s alot of insects…thanks for sharing.

  2. So what kind of “bug” are they? My curiousity is peaked…


    We really don’t know what they are called. The children described them as slimy catepillars with big black heads.


  3. Just another reason I don’t live in the Midwest. Too many weired creepy crawly things. I do like the squirrels though. I don’t get many of those.


    I don’t mind the bugs. I could do without tornados though.


  4. That is very interesting!
    So excited to hear the mention that more Moody books might be in the works!

  5. Sarah,

    I was encouraged when you mentioned “Moody adventure” which means you must be working on some more Moody stories (we are hoping and praying you are ;-). Abby (8yo) is really getting into “Summer” as she was too young to really enjoy it when her daddy read it to all of us as a read aloud when it came out. She’s really gotten into chapter books this summer, I suggested she start reading the “Moody” books and she is so glad she did. She keeps asking us to listen to a section as she reads it out loud to us. 🙂

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