The Widow’s Mite

“And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living” (Mark 12:43-44).

One could hardly imagine walking into a place where the residents are mostly eighty years of age or older, in very poor health, without a home or finances to see this awaiting you.

Abigail's Table

The beloved members of our nursing-home church wanted to have a baby shower for our new, little granddaughter Abigail. This picture is what greeted us, along with the residents and many of the staff, of the nursing home when we walked in Sunday morning. We were overwhelmed with emotion. After church, everyone gathered around the table as Melanie opened gifts, and Nathan held Abigail. Melanie walked around among the residents showing Abigail to them and, of course, they all thought she was so precious. The members of our church have loved and prayed with Nathan and Melanie through Susannah’s death and now Abigail’s birth. Nathan and Melanie take over church the weeks we are traveling.


The Shower Committee

With joy, Nathan and Melanie showed everyone their new little girl.

Abigail was very alert and content.

Joy lit up their faces as Melanie went around to each one to show them Abigail.

Pure joy!

Mary and I with a sweet couple that comes to our service.

The shower in progress!

Nathan showing Abigail to another sweet lady, with Anna looking on.

Trusting in Jesus,

21 thoughts on “The Widow’s Mite”

  1. How awesome! It is so precious to see the joy on the faces of all those who were there! I bet this was a humbling experience. Your service to the Lord has not gone unnoticed! I rejoice with you and your family.

  2. It is always so sweet to see the way that children can brighten the faces of the elderly.

  3. Thank you SO much for sharing that. I’m so moved that they did that for your family and so moved that you minister to the nursing home. You are the most obediant of all Christians.

  4. What a blessing and I’m sure all were so happy to finally meet Abigail! 🙂 Precious memories I’m sure!

  5. Wow, what an incredible blessing!! I agree with Mary about your obedience to Christ in ministering to these people. God bless you!

    And as usual, Abigail is gorgeous!

  6. what a joy to see all the smiling faces. you are such a gift to those living in the nursing home–god is smiling on you.

    abigail is looking so big and beautiful as ever.

  7. Wow – when I saw the first picture, I figured it was a baby shower. When I read that it was put on by your nursing home church, something hit me and I burst into tears. I can’t think of anything else more precious than those that have so little, giving to your sweet family.

    Here in California, we are praying for a little one who is very, very sick. His parents have nicknamed him “Mighty Joe”. Please keep him in your prayers.

    Abigail is so very beautiful – I hope all is well with Melanie also. Praying for your family. Thank you for your encouragement to others just by loving Christ.

    Mrs. L.

  8. Oh, how precious!!!
    That was so sweet of them to have a shower for Nathan, Melanie and Abigail. It shows how much you all mean to the elderly people in your nursing home church. Amazing!!!
    Praise the Lord! He is good all the time!!!

  9. How precious! I have been able to help out at a nursing home as part of my job and I find it is now my favorite part of my job! I am so happy that you are blessed by these lovely souls and that God is blessing these people through all of you…especially through Abigail right now!
    Beth in Indiana

  10. Oh my goodness!!!! What JOY! You all are so quick to share God’s love, what an example for us all. Abigail is so blessed.

  11. Isn’t is wonderful how a baby brings so much happiness and joy…not only to parents but to everyone around!? Thanks for sharing this blessing on your family!

  12. What a blessed day for the residents and your family. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

  13. Thank you for the reminder to remember the elderly! They are such a blessing to be around and yet our culture makes it so easy to forget. Abigail looked so sweet in the pics- I know she brought much joy to their hearts.

  14. Every nursing home needs a church and a BABY. God is os good to bring us what we need 🙂

  15. This story makes my day! What a blessing to see the love that you’ve poured out on the people in the nursing home, returned to you with such kindness and joy. Thank you for sharing the story, and for your faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

  16. Oh! I am overcome with emotion as I read the blessings that your nursing home church has bestowed upon all of you. How awesome is our God! The Lord will continue to bless your cup abundantly and to overflowing.

    Thank you for sharing!


    Me too. It was highly emotional. Thank you to others also for comments of praise for the Lord.

    It was a great example of the difference between fun and joy.

    In Christ Jesus,  Steve

  17. This is so awesome!

    Wow. You just keep showing time & time again what a beautiful testimony to our LORD a holy & obedient life can be.

    Thank you for sharing. And encouraging.

    And reminding us there is so much more to life then our generation.

  18. Tears in my eyes! How precious. I have never known a family as remarkable as yours. You truly live out the teachings of the Lord Jesus. And you do it in the most natural ways, without any fanfare or a big ministry bankroll. I know that the joy at the nursing home flowed both ways. May the Lord continue to bless your family, and this next generation that you are bringing up.


  19. What an absolute delight it is to see the older folks enjoying your new little one. Our family has volunteered to visit with elderly folk in a nearby nursing home and the thing that struck me the most was the utter joy that it gave to them to “see young faces” as they put it. It just made me so very sad that something I take so for granted was such a huge treat for them. And it made me realize how very grateful we must be to the Lord for even the most “ordinary” pleasures of life. I just know that this work you are doing and the open-heartedness with which you share your family must be so very pleasing to the Lord:)
    Bless you all!


    Bless your family Diane. Isn’t it amazing how you go with the desire to bless them and they bless you far more? That is why when we share a part of our lives at the nursing home on the blog here, it isn’t for anyone to think highly of us. It is to encourage others to be blessed to be a blessing.

     In Christ Jesus,


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