55 thoughts on “Abigail Hope 1.8 – Finally Home!”

  1. Nathan, Melanie, and Abigail~
    YEAH… PRAISE THE LORD!! We are so happy for you!! I can imagine how excited you are to be home with your precious little daughter!! The Lord is so GOOD!!
    Take care!!
    Love~ Randy, Diana, Reagan, Stetson, Dawson, and Camden

    PS We wish were closer so we could bring you a meal 🙂

  2. Praise the Lord! What an answer to prayer! I am so thankful she is doing well and at home. 🙂

  3. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

    Are there any remaining health concerns with Abigail for us to be praying about? How’s Melanie doing?

  4. Praise the Lord! Praying for a restful night ahead and for continued good health for Abigail!

  5. Congratulations! What a happy day for you all! I have been following your blog very closely. We have been praying for little Abigail.

    Praise the Lord!

    Abigail E

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My younger daughter was in the NICU for three weeks, and turned 10 on May 21st, Abigail almost made my 50th birthday on the 19th.

    I am just so excited for you!!!!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!!!!! She is a beautiful baby.!

  7. YEAH! Praise the LORD! Hallelujah! This is sooooo exciting! Wow, what a praise! God deserves all the glory! Wonderful Master! I can just imagine how happy y’all are! Thank YOU JESUS! 🙂

  8. We’re so happy for you all! It will be wonderful to be in your own home with a new baby….enjoy her!

  9. Welcome home! I will be praying for a peaceful “re-entry” into normal life.

  10. Praise the Lord!!! I was overjoyed to read that baby Abigail got to go home!! That is so wonderful!! Rejoicing here in Canada!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Will continue to pray here for your precious Abigail and for you and Melanie. May the Lord bless you with wisdom as you raise this little girl for Him. He is so good!!! I’m so happy for all of you!! 🙂

  11. Welcome Home, Abigail! There truly is no place like home. Now that y’all are home things will settle down and you will find your comfortable routine that fits your family. Enjoy this time, it passes quickly.

  12. Wow!! Congratulations on bringing Miss Abigail home. I am so thrilled for all of you! Hugs to your sweet family. May the peace of God rest on you during this new time.

  13. I forgot to add a funny story about the night before we took our daughter home from the hospital after she had been in the NICU for three weeks.

    Before we could take her home, we had to spend the night with her in the hospital room to make sure we could do CPR, and do the heart monitor.

    We were both so excited, and to celebrate my husband went up to Baskin-Robbins to bring back some ice cream. He came back with two containers of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in QUARTS. So, here I was trying to eat the entire thing so as not to hurt his feelings, and he was doing the same. As it turned out, he meant to ask for PINTS and NOT quarts.

    Our daughter turned 10 on May 21st, and to this day neither my husband nor I have eaten peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

    I thought you might get a chuckle over it.

  14. What a joyous occassion!! Congratulations on your sweet blessing! I am sure it is a surreal moment. It is really wonderful to see the pictures of her at home. Thank you for keeping us posted.

    The F. Family

  15. Oh Joy!!
    You’ve waited a long time for this day.
    Blessings on your family.
    Praising God with you,
    Debbie C.

  16. Welcome home, Abigail! I’m so happy that she is home ~ you have all waited so patiently for this day. Many prayers for continued healing and strength for Abigail and Melanie.

  17. What a blessing and relief it must be to have your daughter home. Rest and enjoy your gift from God, she is a pretty baby girl.

  18. Praise God! I was just thinking and praying this afternoon and wondering if maybe she would be coming home soon . . . yeay!!! =) What a wonderful feeling to finally walk out of the hospital with that precious little bundle!

  19. Thank the Lord!!! Welcome home Maxwell family – YOU MADE IT.
    I’m continuing to keep you all in my prayers. I just so happy for you.

  20. I can’t wait to tell the children! What a wonderful way to end my evening hearing this sweet news! Though I haven’t had much time online lately, I think of you all and pray for you often.

  21. I haven’t posted before, but I have been following your blog updates. Now I keep returning just to look at the precious pictures.

    One thought that comes to mind while I look at the pictures is “Praise God from whom all blessings flow”!!

  22. We are SO, SO very happy for you!! I thank and praise God for answering our prayers to give you a healthy baby. My littlest is now 16 months, but I still remember the joy of walking through the door with her for the first time and realizing she was really ours!! Enjoy every moment with your precious miracle!!

  23. i just had to check tonight to see if there were homecoming pictures. thank you for letting us see you arrive home with abigail. this is a huge answer to prayer. enjoy your baby girl. blessings.

  24. Praise the Lord for your precious miracle! Congratulations!! She’s so beautiful. Welcome home Abigail!

    Blessings to you all,
    Jocelyn (AZ)

  25. I am so very glad for you. So many prayers answered. The Lord bless you richly.

  26. My children (who have been following your story as closely as I have) literally shouted for joy! Enjoy sweet baby Abigail and give her a snuggle from us in Mississippi! God is so good!!!!

  27. Yeah!! We are so excited to see that you are all home! We will continue to pray for you all. Congratulations!!


  28. Nathan and Melanie-Did you ask the Lord to make you patient or what!?! He has definitely answered that prayer! Seriously, your attitude through this all has been an amazing testimony of the grace and providence of God. May we all learn from you to draw from His waters and be a reflection of Him through difficult times. By the way, the latest picture of Abigail is very, very cute!

  29. Praise the Lord! Congratulations! I know how happy you are to have her home w/you. My daughter was in the NICU for 56 days. She will be turning 18 next month and graduating from high school! Enjoy every minute!

  30. Congratulations! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! I look forward to bringing our own little miracle home in July (a baby girl, too). So glad you all are home and can enjoy family life together!

  31. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Praise the Lord for home! We are rejoicing with you! Praise His holy name!

  32. YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Congratulations on bringing Miss Abigail home! Praise God for your new family life! Enjoy that sweet baby girl! We’re still praying for Melanie as she heals, and for all of you as you settle in!

  33. Congratulations!! I am so thrilled and excited for you! Praise the Lord from Whom all blessing flow!!

  34. PRAISE the Lord!!! What a wonderful blessing to have Miss. Abigail home. God be with you and we pray peace and rest for each of you.

  35. Praise the Lord!!! YOu two have waited for this so long , I know! Congrats and enjoy your new little blessing.

  36. I agree with the poster who wishes we could bring meals (and get a peek at Abigail of course!) So glad your family is home and you can all sleep in your own beds! Melanie must be ecstatic! Enjoy this precious time together. Thank you God!!!

    Mrs. L.

  37. I’ve yet to congratulate you on her arrival into the world, so first
    I’ll say congratulations on the safe arrival, into the world, of Miss Abigal Hope Maxwell. Now, congratualations on being able to bring her home. My husband
    and I also experienced the sadness and sorrow of leaving the hospital, four
    years ago, empty armed, due to a stillborn daughter we lost at twenty-three
    weeks along. Even though we already had four healthy ones waiting at home,
    it was still very hard leaving without our precious daughter. We named her
    Hannah Grace. Two years ago, the Lord did see fit to bless us with another
    healthy baby. He(Benjamin) is now a healthy and happy almost two(July 12)
    year old. I’m so glad you did not have to leave emty armed this time.
    I’m anxious to continue getting good reports.

    Stephanie B.
    Oakman, Al

  38. Nathan and Melanie,

    I just literally got chills when I read your post!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Congratulations!!! I praise God for the gift of new life he has given to you all. What hope!!

    I wanted to also thank you for sharing your lives. I do not have many in real life that can be “role models” and I could list many blessings that your parents have given me and my family. I truly consider them “mentors”, although of course it is through writings. One of our children will be going in for surgery in the next few weeks and will be hospitalized for at least a week after. (She was just 2 lbs. at birth and is now 6 years old- adopted by us when she was 2). Anyways, we have purposefully never owned a TV in our married life. Anyways, when I thought of her hospital stay I had just assumed we would lay there and watch TV. When I thought of you in one of my prayer times, I thought of how you kept the TV off! What a novel idea!!! I am now praying for a Scripture for her and I to memorize while lying in the hospital for those long hours. She has a wonderful memory and just finished up memorizing Isaiah 55. What a great time to memorize another longer passage and also, prayfully, be a light to those around us in the Children’s Hospital. Thanks for sharing your lives- it blesses your readers in many ways!!! Now to know we will use that week for His glory and purposes vs. just struggle to get through it!

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