55 thoughts on “Abigail Hope 1.8 – Finally Home!”

  1. Congratulations!

    I just read through the entire blog and my heart was touched. My daughter was also born May 18 (in 1996.) Her name is Hope Christine. I was showing her pictures of your little Abigail Hope and telling her of the sweet “coincidences”. May God continue to bless your family.

  2. Congratulations. Welcome Home Abigail. Mommy and Daddy, enjoy that little blessing.


  3. Praise God! What a sweetie she is! I LOVE the name. It is a combination of my 2 girls’ names-Abigail Carol and Elizabeth Hope.

    Your story brings tears to my eyes each time I read your blog because we share a lot in common. Our first son, Nathan, was born semi emergency c-section due to very low fluid and being breech. Our second, Samuel David, was taken 16 weeks early by emergency c-section and went to be with our Lord Jesus after 15 weeks in the NICU. We were blessed again with our third son-Caleb and then again and again with Abigail and Hope (who spent 10 days in the NICU). Every one has been by c-section and to the amazement of all my doctors, God has continued to preserve my womb. We are now expecting our 6th blessing in January!

    May God bless your family during this exciting (albeit exhausting) time!

    Love in Him,

  4. Nathan & Melanie,

    I don’t where I’ve been the past year or so, I guess not following the Mom’s & Dad’s Corners very well or your blog at all, but I read the Corners from last month and have since come to the blog and went backwards reading about your trials and also your precious Susanna.
    My heart has been so overwhelmed reading & reliving for myself what our family has gone through. I gave birth 4.5 yrs ago to twin boys and a very long story very shortly put, one of our sons died at 6.5 wks old after 3 different hospitals/NICUS and 1 hospital/NICU for our other son most of that time. Though the circumstances are somewhat different, there was so much I could truly understand & relate to.
    Praise the Lord Abigail is home with you!! I pray she brings you both so much joy your cup overrunneth. Our first child born after our son died is a girl named Abigail. She has brought immense joy to our family. It doesn’t take all the pain away, in some ways it’s a strong reminder of it because of our deep love for her and the true joy she is – it’s a reminder of how deeply loved & missed our son is.
    I saw your mention of the L’s and couldn’t get over what a small world it is sometimes. 🙂 I live in the same area as where Daniel & Jaynee are from and their families still are. I’ve known them both since before we were all married. 🙂 Praise God Daniel is recovering, too.

    Remembering you all,
    Sara mom to 10 precious children… 8 in my arms, 1 in my womb and 1 in the arms of Jesus

  5. I too like so many others, am rejoicing that your precious little gift is now home. Our story is much like yours, our GRACE, (God’s grace that gave us her as a precious gift, when we thought we’d have no more), HOPE, (our only hope was that Jesus would touch her and heal her and perhaps allow us to keep her for awhile, she was born 3.5 weeks early). Putting her on mediflight at 18hrs. old, not knowing if we would ever hold her again or not, is a mighty test of faith. I laugh now, as she’s 4 yrs. old, and more energy at times than her 7 older siblings!! We pushed through the issues of nursing until she was almost 3mths. so hang in there. You are both so blessed. God will continue to give you strength and wisdom as you are now into a new seson in life called parenthood. hardest and best occupation you will ever be blessed with.

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