Abigail Hope 1.7 – The News Is In!

Miss Abigail is coming home early this afternoon! We’re thrilled. Off to do a few last minute things :-)…

Rejoicing in Jesus,
Sarah for all the rest

30 thoughts on “Abigail Hope 1.7 – The News Is In!”

  1. Ahh, home sweet home with the baby bunting! My heart rejoices at the news. Congratulations! In Minneapolis

  2. That is such wonderful news! May the Lord bless all of you in this time of great joy. Congratulations from Winona, MN

  3. Praise ye the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever.Psalm 106:1 We share this joy with you as you take your little Abigail home! Congratulations.
    Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3.
    We hope and pray that Melanie can gain back her strength from the weeks of bed rest and surgery. It will take time. There is no place like home! Enjoy! From Illinois 😀

  4. HURRAH!!!! We are rejoicing with you and praying for a wonderful, relaxing, fully-enjoying-the-baby upcoming days! Enjoy just watching her breathe at night and kissing her sweet little head. What a joyful day! Praise God for His mercy and kindness!

  5. Hooray! Praise God again!!

    What a joy for all of us to pray for you and rejoice with you! Thank you for blessing us with frequent updates!

    Continuing to pray here for your adjustment to a new exciting journey, and also for Melanie’s rest and recovery.

    Jill J

  6. How wonderful! Now you can be close to your little one constantly, get into your own routine and no more backwards and forwards. So so happy for you all. Enjoy! Our God is an awesome God.

    Vancouver, B.C.

  7. We join in with the chorus and praise God with you! Our oldest dd had a 56 day stay in NICU – we’ve never been so tired! We pray for health, healing and rest to come quickly to your family!

  8. Yay! I’m so happy for all of you. Can’t wait to see pictures of Abigail in her home!

  9. All I can do is have this HUGE SMILE across my entire face and have a heart full of thankfulness and joy to our faithful God who is doing marvelous things in our eyes! He is so good and I’m so thrilled you all get to go home!!!! This is awesome news to see today! YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am praising with you!!!!!!!!! Rejoicing even!! This is such happy news. I am thrilled for your family. 🙂

  11. What Wonderful News!!!! She is so precious! we’re so happy for you!
    Beth B. in Indiana (and daughter Rebecca)

  12. PRAISING THE LORD for this update!!!!

    Oh, what a joyful day this truly is for you and your families.

    Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!


  13. YIPEE!!!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR ANSWERING ALL OF OUR PRAYERS!!! My family will be so excited to hear the wonderful news as we have been praying diligently for you all. We will continue to uphold you all in prayer & we rejoice with you!
    Love, The B. Family in CA.
    PS- I just finished reading MOTH & wanted to thank you for writing this book! It is changing our home in such a beautiful way. Gotta go- my “computer time” is over. :0)

  14. we are so very happy for you and praising god with you. enjoy being home with the baby and no more back and forth. celebrating the joy of your bringing your precious girl home. blessings.

  15. We are so happy for you! Thanks for the updates. Praise God that Abigail is doing so well.

  16. PTL!!! What a sweet time for Dad, Mom & Abigail!!! How I wish I were a fly on the wall to witness this joyous time:) Abigail will have her first car ride too!

  17. Praise God! We rejoice with you and your family! We’ll continue to pray for everyone to lean on His strength to guide you.

    Much love in Christ,

    The Y.

  18. What a blessing! It will be such a wonderful and exciting journey with that new baby at home. There will no longer be the two of you, but the three of you, a picture of a beautiful family. Praise the Lord. We will continue to pray just for healing and rest, but the rest God knows and His face is smiling on you both. God bless.

    The F. Family

  19. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! We are thrilled you will all be togeather at home!!!
    Rejoicing with you,
    The g. Family in Alabama

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