BabyMax1.1 Little Miss Max

It is late Sunday evening, roughly 24 hours after our little girl was born. We haven’t had much sleep, but we’ve had quite the day! First things first, Baby is doing great. I’ll keep referring to her as Baby as we haven’t settled on a name. I’m frequently impressed in Scripture with the significance God puts on names. I haven’t sensed his definitive leading on this child’s name so it’s still a matter of prayer.

Baby arrived at 34 and half weeks – shocking us by showing up as a girl (and weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces). We had wanted to be surprised but felt it was a little boy; we were very wrong. While not our desire, she was delivered by a semi-urgent c/section. Both Melanie and Baby came through it great. Due to her gestational age when she arrived, she will be in care of the NICU for a little while longer. We don’t know whether that means one week, two, or maybe more. However, even though she’s in the NICU, she’s strong, healthy, and alert! She has no IV’s connected, just a small feeding tube to help her with some nutrients while she’s learning to nurse.

I’ll try and post a more lengthy update in a day or two – Lord willing with a name!

Thank you for your prayer support. There were some challenging times during her birth, but God carried us through. We had desired God’s clear leading, and it was clear. Why He chose this route I don’t know, but there was no mistaking it!


Little Miss Maxwell soon after birth with her daddy.


Sweet Miss Maxwell

Mommy and baby.


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  1. We are so happy for the both of you. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is just adorable. Congratulations once again.
    GOD BE PRAISED!!!!!!
    Sonja mom to 9

  2. God is faithful! What a wonderful blessing. Thanks for sharing your miracle for all of us to praise God with you!

  3. Wow…you bring tears. to my eyes. as I see the miracle of life that God has entrusted to you! Thank you for being willing to share your journey with us. Melanie, you are a testimony of beauty under pressure. God is good!

    Prayers for a healthy recovery and a name!

  4. Oh my! She is gorgeous! 6# 4 oz is a great weight! How long is she? I am so happy for you all! What fun you will have with this child! Thank you for the pics.

  5. Oh, she is precious!! For some reason, I also had a feeling you were having a boy, so I was surprised to read SHE is here as well. Not that it makes one bit of difference to mommy and daddy. We have two of each and they are all so much fun and such blessings! Enjoy that little bundle of pink. We can’t wait to hear what name you choose. I agree that names are so hard. We never have one until the moment we leave the hospital. It is such an important thing, the keep it for life after all. No pressure of course! 🙂

  6. Welcome to the world precious girl! We are so thankful to God that you are here.
    The P. Family in NYC

  7. I am so glad for the update. Now I can stop checking the site so often. I am so very glad that God has given you a healthy baby girl. What a miracle. God is so Awesome. We will keep praying for you in all areas and for God’s direction for a name. You are right about how God finds the names so very important.

    Yes I am so happy for you all.

    God bless.

  8. Oh she is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you all. Thank you, Lord. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Praising and thanking our Father continuously with you.

  9. Whoo-hoo!!! Yippee!!! Hooray!!! Hallelujah!!! Praise the Lord!!! Thank You, Jesus!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! We are soooooo excited!!!!

  10. Yahooo!!! School just came to a screeching halt when our oldest told us there was some news about little Miss Maxwell!! We are rejoicing with you all!! We have been praying fervently for all of you, especially Melanie and baby Max. We will continue to pray that your remaining time at the hospital will be peaceful, and that Melanie will recover quickly, and that your sweet little babe will learn to nurse quickly. Thank you for the photos – they are so precious!! God is so good!!!

    Stephanie for us all

  11. How happy I am to be the first to comment on these miraculous photos! You have all been in my thoughts and prayers for many months. Congratulations and God’s blessings for this special family.
    South Africa

  12. Congratulations!!! The Lord has blessed you all greatly!!! May He continue to guide you in His paths!!! You will all still remain in our prayers!!

    Congratulations to grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunts and uncles!!!


  13. Miss Maxwell is precious and wonderfully made, in HIM ! So glad all is going well, and may God place a hedge of protection around you all. Enjoy your sweet Girl, and get some rest. We’ll continue to lift your family up in prayer to our Lord. Have a blessed day!

  14. Congratulations! We are praising the Lord for his mercies! She is absolutely beautiful!!!

    The W. Family
    Brent, Carolyn, Brooke, Mallory,
    Laney, Nina, Nathan, Benjamin,
    Lindsay, Michael, and Timothy

  15. Congratulations on the birth of your precious daughter. She is adorable. Our God is good. Will continue to pray so that you may take little Miss Maxwell home soon.

  16. Troy and I are so thrilled that she is here! We loved looking at the pictures and being able to thank God that she is safe, healthy and able to be held by her parents already! I told Amelia that she has a new cousin and I think she is excited to meet her:) Congratulations!
    (Aren’t they great?)

  17. Praise God! I’m so happy for all of you! Get lots of rest and kiss that sweetie for me!

  18. I am so very excited for you all.

    Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl.

    Blessings to you all!

  19. So beautiful!! I am so happy for you all. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I will C.ontinue to pray for C.-seC.tion reC.overy, and for nursing to go smoothly. Praise to the Lord for all that he has done!!
    Many Blessings……

  20. So happy to hear how well your baby is doing! God is good! We’d also been waiting for the arrival of the baby of dear friends of ours from our small church. Their Abigail was born Sunday morning as well. So exciting to see the prayers for both babies answered in the same day. I’ll keep praying for Miss Maxwell and for Melanie’s recovery.

  21. I have tears of joy in my heart and eyes as I look at these pictures. What a blessing this precious girl is. Oh the joy of holding your baby when you know what it means to have lost a baby. My husband and I went down that road in 2005-2007. Our first daughter, Rebecca, had. a congentital heart problem and died at 8 months in October 2005. In February 2007, our second daughter, Rachael was born, and was healthy save for a comparatively minor seizure condition. What joy was in our house that day!

    We will continue to pray for your precious little girl and for her mommy and daddy. God is good… ALL the time!


    Bless you Adrienne!

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  22. Praise God for this new life.:) so glad to hear you are all doing well. Rest up and enjoy this gift God has given you. She is just beautiful, you both look so happy. Hopefully soon you will be home (remember what that is!!) I can’t help but to think she looks a little like her big sister, who is watching from heaven! God is so good. He always brings us through to the other side, not always how we like it, but always in his timing and his way.:):) ” We thank you Lord for this wonderful gift, thank you for a healthy baby and mama. Bless Nathan as he cares for them both, Lord give them peace about a name and help then to focus on this new life and not have any fear from their last stay Lord. We praise you and give you all the glory and honor. Amen”

  23. What a beautiful gift from God! I am so happy for you all. Thank you for the update.

  24. She’s beautiful and you all are beaming! Thank you for sharing this incredibly private moment with us all! Congratulations!

  25. Precious.
    I am just overjoyed for you.
    Thanks you Lord, for this sweet addition to the Maxwell family.

  26. 6 LB 4 OZ???!!! That’s really good for a preemie. We rejoice with you all. There truly is no greater joy.
    Jessica for the 4 of us

  27. For being so early, she sure did weigh a lot. Two of mine were 6 pounds, 12 ounces and 6 pounds, 14 ounces and they were full term. She is very beautiful! I’m so excited for you! I’m expecting my 5th baby in November after a long three and a half year gap. This will be my 5th c-section as well, so I know what that’s like. I’m glad everything went well for you and that baby is healthy, and beautiful. God bless you as you raise and train this child for Him. May He give you the wisdom required for such a task.

  28. What a BEAUTIFUL little girl you have. Praising the Lord for this little blessing. We will be praying for Melanie’s recovery and little blessing Maxwell’s strength in nursing.


  29. What an answer to prayer. Victory! A healthy baby and mommy.

    The pictures are lovely.

    Hope Melanie is comfortable and enjoying the new life.

  30. We are rejoicing with you! Hopefully she will be out of NICU quickly and into loving arms at home.

  31. Praise the Lord!!!! I’m so glad your little girl is here and well. We’ll continue to pray for her health and quick dismissal, along with Melanie’s recovery.

  32. What a wonderful blessing from the hand of God!!

    What a beautiful baby!!

    What a happy family!!

  33. Congratulations on the birth of you daughter. May her life bring glory to God.


  34. She’s beautiful! What a blessing. Glad to hear everything is going good, despite the late nights. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I’ll be praying for a speedy healing of Melanie’s body and for Miss Maxwell to thrive.

  35. Congratulations! What a precious blessing she is, and all of you are. LOVED the pictures – the one of her laying on her back with the little hat on looks just like your mom – something about her eyes and nose…We will continue to pray for her, and Melanie and all of you! Thank you for so openly sharing your lives!

  36. Who knows why it was meant to be a C-section, but trust it was for the best. Maybe Baby Max wasn’t strong enough for it, or maybe Melanie wasn’t…only God knows what might have happened had it gone the natural route, and it seems he thought this best…even though in our eyes C-section is never the “best” option, but rather the last resort, God had other plans and you have a healthy little girl and we are praising God!

    I to thought it would be a boy…but then a couple of days ago when I saw that heart monitor picture, and I saw the heart rate of 150…I thought “oh…must be a girl!”.

    Take care!

  37. How precious! Praise the Lord! Our little boy is 2 1/2 weeks old now and we also did not name him until after his birth. The Lord showed us so clearly what his name was to be. It was so amazing to be lead of the Lord in this manner.

    Keep praying, the Lord will show you her name! What a testimony she already is. May I encourage you to keep before her always the miraculous ways the Lord has intervened in her life? (These stones of remembrance- 1 Samuel 7:12.) You are blessed to have seen the Lord already at work in her life.

    Try and sleep! 🙂 Can’t wait for more pictures. Have a blessed day!

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