Abigail Hope 1.2

Let me start by thanking each of you who have prayed, loved, and left comments for us. We have not gotten all the comments read yet, but we’re working on it. I’ve told this baby that she has many, many people around that world that love her.

Second, she has a name – Abigail Hope Maxwell. Abigail, meaning “father’s joy, women of beauty and discretion” – it brings tears to my eyes as I type this. She has brought and will bring joy to my heart. The “beauty and discretion” part comes from the description of Abigail in 1 Samuel. We chose “Hope” for her middle name as her time in the womb was a time of hope for us, at the beginning as we looked forward to meeting her, and towards the end as we sought to maintain hope for how things would turn out. This child did bring us hope!

We’ve had a girl’s name picked out for some time. I liked it, but when Abigail was born, I didn’t sense a peace about our original name. So, we waited and prayed. I told God that I would use whatever name He directed in. Names are important to God, and I wanted His will in this. At one point a day or two ago, the name “Abigail” came to mind. I thought it was nice, but didn’t think much of it. But, it kept coming back and coming back. I shared with Melanie last night that I wondered if God was directing in this and asked her to think/pray about it. This morning, when I woke up the name was still on my mind and it was like I was thinking of her as Abigail. However, being rather dense, I wanted to be sure it was God’s leading. Scripture says that the heart is evil and wicked, I know mine is from experience. I desired total confidence in knowing that this was God’s leading and not my invention. After reading George Muller’s biography, one thing he would do when he sensed God’s leading was ask for and wait for a definitive sign. A sign that he would see and his heart would confirm was of God. I walked down the hall this morning around 9:00 and prayed that God would confirm His direction in a clear way – a way that even I wouldn’t miss. As I walked over to the NICU I wondered how God would show me, I couldn’t think of a way for Him to do it.

I sat down in Abigail’s room, and opened to where my “Read through the Bible in a Year” plan (minus the 18 or so days I’m behind…) told me to read. I was a chapter or two past the David and Goliath story in 1 Samuel when I started. Within a chapter or two I was reading about David and Abigail, and sitting there looking at Scripture with tears in my eyes. I knew as soon as I started that section it was God’s clear, definitive direction. Melanie confirmed that her heart liked the name and thought we should go with it.

So, all that to say – Abigail Hope.


I share the above paragraphs because it is so encouraging for me to see God leading. He has directed each step of the way, even the c/section birth. It’s not been an easy path, but He has lead, and we are grateful for that.

Abigail decided to stick her foot outside the womb Saturday night which prompted the c/section. Due to the rushed nature of the c/section, and Melanie’s desire to be awake, Melanie had a very, very hard time with it. It was one of the worst experiences of her life. However, she was a trooper, survived and is recovering well.

Abigail is proving to be a very good nurser. We are grateful! I didn’t even know you needed to pray about things like that. However, she is doing a great job with it. The NICU has Melanie feeding her every three hours, so Melanie isn’t getting a huge amount of recovery rest, but that can’t be helped. Again, Melanie is being a trooper and working hard to take care of her baby. We’re pleased that Abigail will have the structure and benefits of the schedule when she gets home.

Abigail needs to show that she can gain weight and not trip any of the alarms for awhile to go home. So far, she has done great. The weight gain should start before too much longer and her health appears to be solid – no alarms so far. No ventilator, no IVs, she’s in a regular crib and out of the incubator! Just a cute little baby girl with a small NG tube (for nutrients if needed) and sweet little face. We’re getting to “parent” her by doing diaper changes and taking temperature.

I think that brings you pretty well up to date. Again, thank you for praying and loving Abigail. We’re thrilled to have her as a part of the family.



Big yawn. “I’m sleepy :-).”

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  1. Rejoicing in the Lord with all of you – what a beautiful name you gave your precious blessing. We will keep praying for Melanie’s recovery and that Abigail keeps eating and gaining weight.


  2. I love the name you chose. Abigail is one of my favorite names and Hope is perfect. God is so good. I will continue to pray for Melanie’s recovery and that you are all home safe and sound very soon. Congratulations to all of the extended family as well. I know the grandparents and all those aunts and uncles are thrilled! This is one loved and prayed for little girl! Enjoy her. Time goes by so fast, even when the days seem long! It is such a cliche, but so true. We attended the homeschool graduation ceremonies last night for two close family friends. Their spiritual growth and maturity is beyond their years. God is truly raising up a young generation of warriors for Himself and now you are going to be the parents training one, just as both of your parents did for you. Our oldest two children are almost 15 now, and it seems like yesterday we were where you are, bringing home two little 6 pound bundles from the hospital. Bless you all.

  3. I know what its like to go through a traumatic c-section and to have a really rough birth experience. Even though you have a healthy baby you wouldn’t trade for all the world sometimes you have to mourn the birth experience (emotionally it can stay with you awhile) I will pray in your case God heals and comforts you completely of it! And you just remember the miracle, I went on to have two more births and they were very different (they were c-sections) but only because of a medical condition I had but even then they were not traumatic at all-just saying this to let you know they are all different-it will be different next time for you! I posted before but again just so happy for you both! You picked a beautiful name!


  4. Your journey has brought me much peace as I have wept, watched and prayed for you all. I am so thankful for you and your family and thrilled that you will enjoy this baby. Congradulations.
    2 years ago i had a unexpected c-section with my sixth while hubby was deployed to the war, and I too felt GODS hand and leading and had his peace at the time, but many have sort to discourage me over the choice of a c-setion and even questioning if it was GODs leading. Watching you all travel your road has again reminded me that I/we were in GODS plan and to rest in that despite what others offer up. May GOD bless you all. Thank you for sharing your journey with us we will continue to pray for you all.

  5. We are all rejoicing with you! Thanks for sharing the photos and stories. What a testimony! Much love from Wisconsin!

    Dave and Debbie and family

  6. What a beautiful name!!! We are all laughing here, because when I told my family you didn’t have a name yet my children started making suggestions. My 7yo daughter (whose name is Abigail Faye) suggested Abigail Hope! We always say she is very close to the Lord.She was a very sick baby, and we were told that she would’t live beyond the age of 3. She always seems to hear Him better than the rest of us. We are all so happy for your family, and we will continue to pray for you!

    Jaime & Amanda
    Cameron, Abigail, Kaitlin

  7. Congratulations to Nathan and Melanie. We wish you the Lord’s blessing and guidance on the raising of Abigail Hope. I would like to share this portion of a song with you. (It is written in old English).

    All that I am I owe to Thee,
    Thy wisdom, Lord, hath fashioned me;
    I give my Maker thankful praise,
    Whose wondrous works my soul amaze.

    Ere into being I was bro’t,
    Thy eye did see, and in Thy tho’t
    My life in all its perfect plan
    Was ordered ere my days began.

    From Marvin, Willemina, Moriah, Sarah, Joel

  8. Congratulations! She is so cute!

    I will be praying for ya’ll- I know the hospital is no place for true rest.

    Many blessings,

  9. Congratulations Nathan & Melanie (& family). Praise to God from whom all blessings flow.

    She and her name are beautiful. Thanks for sharing how God led.

  10. We are all so happy for you and praise God for giving you this precious gift – Abigail Hope. Abigail had always been my most favourite name for a girl and I am sure it will be one of the names of my girls when the Lord gives me a family. Your such a wonderful example to us and others and a great testimony to the world. May the Lord bless you abundantly! Always keeping you in our prayers.
    Love in Christ,
    Samantha, for the T. family in Quebec

  11. Praising the Lord for His grace and mercy and His protection during this time.
    I’m so thrilled for you both that little Abigail is here and healthy. Great job, Melanie!
    May Abigail Hope grow in wisdom and stature and love the LORD all of the days of her life and may He grant you both wisdom as you parent her.

  12. Miss Abigail you have managed to do something that not many can do….You have made me speechless. Our God is so great!

    Adrienne K.

  13. Didn’t have internet access the past few days and wondered and prayed for you guys like crazy. What a wonderful surprise!! We are rejoicing with you over your precious baby girl, and for the faithfulness of our amazing God! Congratulations!!

  14. She is just beautiful!!! I’m a little partial to the name Abigail Hope since my Abigail Hope is turning 7 in just a few weeks. I pray your Abigail Hope is a delight and as much a blessing as our dear little Abby is to us.

    Congratulations again!

  15. That is a perfect and beautiful name. This entry was wonderful to read. Your family will continue to be in my prayers and heart. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

  16. BEAUTIFUL little girl . . . awesome name! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, it builds the faith of others and and brings SUCH glory to God for His constant care and desire to love us as His little children, guiding our every step when we ask Him to.

    Our prayers remain with you and our hearts share your overflowing joy!

  17. What a beautiful baby and an equally beautiful name! My step daughter’s name is Abigail and she is certainly her father’s joy! May God bless you all! Thanks for sharing your life with us! Beth B. in Indiana!!

  18. Oh she is adorable! That name is beautiful! I love that you chose Hope. We chose Faith for my little baby sister, because lots of faith was needed! My prayers are with you three. What a blessing she is. As I see your love for this little one, I can’t wait till I have my own children! May God bless you all!

    In my prayers

  19. Beautiful name! We’ve been praying for you and I can’t wait for another update!

  20. Dear Nathan, Melanie, and Abigail,
    After praying many years for you–through your longing, sorrow and joy…, my family and I rejoice with you, celebrating the arrival of precious Abigail Hope! My children are so excited at the news of her birth that they have been telling family and friends, “The Maxwells had their baby!”

    We are also very excited about her name–our second daughter is Abigail Jean. We also place much thought and prayer into naming our children. All of them have middle names honoring members of the family. Abbey’s great grandma was Jean–a woman who loved the Lord deeply. Every time she was asked how she was doing responded…”Breathing every minute and praising the Lord!”

    Thank you for sharing your life with us! We will continue to pray–as now this season of life brings new requests!

    Amy B. in Michigan

  21. My daughter and I have been checking your page regularly and praying. We were overjoyed at this wonderful news and greatly encouraged. We all got used to calling her baby Max and so we started saying, “Perhaps they will name her Maximillian, or Maximillia, or Maxine Maxwell!” 🙂
    Abigail Hope is most definatlely Providential and a lovely solid Christian name at that! May God bless you and your lovely family.

    Mrs. D.

  22. Praise God. That is all I can say. Praise Him for His mercy, for His direction, for His favor. Your darling Abigail is beautiful and a testament to God’s kindness.

    Our prayers are with you and for Melanie to recover quickly and for healing in her spirit in regards to the birth.

  23. Congratulations Nathan and Melanie! Your daughter is beautiful! She looks like her Momma! Praying for a quick recovery for Melanie and strength for little Abigail. God is so good!

  24. What a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

    Praying she will be home soon.

    Get plenty of rest with the c section and you will be back to good as new soon, I had 3 c sections and bounced right back.
    The kids think it’s neat that they came out of the tummy that way lol.

    Congradulations again, I pray many more blessings come your way.

  25. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, she’s georgous. I just wanted to send a note of encouragement to Melanie. Matthew 6:33 says, “And He will give you all you need from day to day if you live for Him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” I know that your family makes God your primary concern so therefore you can rest in knowing that He will give you ALL you need from day to day. So don’t be too overwhelmed as you recover, just rest in knowing that He will provide.

  26. Oh, she is beautiful! Abigail Hope is a wonderful name. I will be praying that Melanie will continue to get better.
    With Much Love,
    The V. Family

  27. Congratulations and PRAISE the LORD! Rejoicing with you at this time for HIS precious reward and praying for a speedy recovery for Melanie. She is so sweet and beautiful!
    Aloha in Christ,
    Denise B.

  28. Congratulations! Abigail Hope is a beautiful name! The picture of her introducing her name is such a precious picture. She’s beautiful.

  29. Praise the Lord for a healthy baby girl! I’m so thankful that God has made Hiss will abundantly clear every step of the way. We will pray for a quick recovery for Melanie. Just a little tip, if she walks as much as possible it will really help her heal faster from the c-section.

  30. Absolutely love the name! I have to share that my sons and I have been reading through 1 Samuel this past month. I read the previous blog about “praying for God’s leading on the name” and was excited to check back the next day to see what it would be. We read our chapter (David, Nabal & Abigail) and then I logged on to work with emails and check my daily blogs. I laughed out loud when I read this post! How neat that you were reading the same passage! Praise the Lord for your beautiful family… we are continually praying for both your girls. 🙂

    Warmly in Him,

    The d. family

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