Talking with Nathan on the phone.




Monitoring baby!


Working on Scripture memory.


Mom keeping track of the number of flawless times of reviewing verses!


Sarah curled Melanie’s hair during a visit today.


Mom and Melanie.


Sarah and Melanie

Still waiting!

Rejoicing in Jesus,
All the Maxwells

15 thoughts on “BabyMax.19”

  1. Oh, it looks like such a lovely day. What a blessing LOVE-IN-LAWS are! We are praising the Lord that Baby Max continues to stay healthy and safe. God is good!

  2. It’s hard you have been on bed rest as long as you have, you have such a beautiful glow!!! Good job on the Scripture memorization! We are all still praying for you!

    Amanda and family

  3. So glad you are still waiting – the longer that baby stays in there the better!! Praying for Melanie and continued strength – and for baby to continue to grow.


  4. My family and I continue to pray for baby and Melanie. Also, Melanie, you’d never know to look at you what a trying time you’ve had. You look positively radiant!!!

    In Him, Tara and family

  5. I have been and will continue praying for Melanie and Baby. Thanks for sharing these pictures – – Melanie looks great! How comforting to know that our Lord is in control and we can lean on Him in any situation. ~ 2 of my 3 children were born in C-section deliveries, and it was so much easier on them (and me too!). Please do not fear having a C-section delivery. Although it is major surgery, so many improvements have been made over the years. ~ Keeping you in my prayers,
    Patti M. (from Georgia)
    1 Peter 5:7

  6. What a loving and generous gesture for Sarah to do Melanie’s hair! Melanie, I know you keep hearing this word over and over, but it’s so true so I have to tell you again — you are absolutely radiant. Radiant with joy, happiness, gratitude, all of it. What a lovely and godly woman you are!

    We’re checking for updates often. Thanks for sharing this most personal time of your life with us.

  7. We continue to pray for you all. Our entire family of 7 (5 children ages 11 down to 8 mos.) anxiously checks your blog several times a day in hopeful anticipation of updates and news of your continued blessings. Your gracious and beautiful testimony is an outstanding inspiration to us in our our own comparatively minor challenges to joyfully rest in Him, trust in Him, wait on Him, and rejoice in Him. We thank you so very much and carry you in our hearts and prayers.

  8. Wow. It seems like alot to take in mentally. I will pray you will have natural delivery, with healthy baby and renewed energy for Melanie when she needs to take care of baby max. I also pray God gives Nathan mental clarity to take care of his business and his home affairs. It seems like this is what God has laid on your hearts as I read your blog. Take care.

  9. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31
    From Marvin, Willemina, Moriah, Sarah and Joel

  10. We love the photos!! It makes us feel like we know you so well. We feel blessed to be able to pray for you all. Thank you for being such a wonderful example for our family. We will continue to pray! We are so excited about the birth of baby Max 🙂


  11. Still praying for you all. Baby has stayed put an extra 8 days, and I’m still praying for baby to make it until after Memorial Day. It’s so wonderful to see the obvious joy that Melanie has. Praying for the Lord to keep you in His peace as your minds are stayed on Him.

    I did want to let you all know something that the Lord has done through your experiences. I’ve tended to take pregnancies for granted, and not really pray too much about the baby’s continued sustaining and good health and such, just assuming things would continue and go well. I was pregnant with #4 when Susannah was born, and that really made an impact on me, along with the 2nd trimester loss of some friends of ours a month or two earlier. Before, I didn’t give the Lord the glory and recognize His hand in each child’s birth and good health as I should have. I’m now expecting #5, due January 8th. This is the first baby and pregnancy that I’ve prayed for every day from the beginning, and really recognized God’s hand and provision. And your lives are one significant means that He used to bring that about.

    It’s been a privilege to pray for you all, and I look forward to seeing the Lord continue to work.

    Love in Christ,
    Heather (mom to 4 children under 7, #5 due Jan ’09)

  12. Melanie, you look absolutely radiant. God is truly taking care of everything, and it is wonderful that you are surrounded not only by a loving God, but loving family as well. I echo everyone’s good wishes and prayers that the baby will remain safe and healthy in mom as long as God wills it. Peace to all of you!

  13. Melanie you look great!! So cheerful inspight of hospital living!!!! Good job, the time is getting closer each day and Jesus is at work every moment. He knows no surprises. Praying for you, hang in there!!!! It is so neat how the Father has you all in our hearts and minds, His children lovein and carin for one another. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may He make His face to shine upon you and bring you peace.

  14. Thank you for sharing those photos! Melanie, you look beautiful! How sweet to see you memorizing Scripture and how special to have Mom Maxwell there to listen to you review those verses 🙂
    We again thanked the Lord this morning that little one is still “waiting”. Every few days I realize almost another week has gone by for you. Our Timothy was born at 37 weeks and they told me that was considered term; he was my smallest but healthy. And on Wednesday, you’ll be 35 weeks…We just praise the Lord for though little Baby Max has been so anxious to meet his mommy and daddy for so long, the Lord has kept Him waiting still 🙂
    We’ll be praying for you at church tomorrow. Some of the people of our church were over for lunch this afternoon and were looking at the picture of you both with Susannah Joy (we have it on the white board in our kitchen). They have been praying for you for months now and they were excited to “see” you.
    love and prayers,

  15. I am so very thankful,and pray for all of you as you journey through this incredible testimony of faith.

    I love the pictures. They are so precious and beautiful.

    Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.

    We will continue to pray….

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