Who Has the Memory Loss Plus a Blessing

Each week when we arrive for church and when we leave, I wave at a gentleman in our nursing-home church from outside the building through the window of his room. He is always there waiting for me to wave at him. Sunday, his wife told me that after we had left church last week for home, this elderly man with Alzheimers, told his wife I had forgotten to wave goodbye to him. Hmmm. Now who has the problem with memory?


God is so good. After we arrived home, I wanted to get Uriah in for some more maintenance because I’m trying to get him up to the level he needs to be. He was having major cooling system work done and required a new radiator, water pump, and miscellaneous things. After the work was completed I was told how much it cost, which I felt was very reasonable. Still I asked if there had been any adjustment on the price and he laughed. He said, “Well, I’ll tell you. He cut the price by over half.” That was a considerable amount of money, and they did that on their own. Well actually, there is no doubt in my mind the Lord Jesus was the One Who was working in their hearts. The girls quickly baked some fresh cookies, wrapped each one in plastic wrap, and we put them in a basket with million dollar bill tracts so that we had a nice thank you for the workers when we picked up Uriah. Isn’t God good?


In Christ Jesus, Steve

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  1. A small act of waving at that elderly man is a blessing to him I’m sure. Even in the smallest things God still provides.

  2. What are the tracts? I hear your family speak of passing many out- please explain to me what they are.
    Thanks & God Bless!


    They are small pieces of paper with a gospel message written on them. They are to be handed to someone, that they can take home and read later.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  3. I just wanted to tell you about what makes the biggest impression on me in reading about your life in the blog. Your family is SO faithful to give God ALL the glory for every single good thing that happens in your lives. And even in sad times, you still proclaim the goodness of God. I can’t tell you how precious it is to read this day in and day out. Thank you for being a family who speaks of the goodness of God.

    Bless you all and a special hug to Melanie! (Hang in there, dear – when that sweet child is born, you will miss these days of unending rest. 🙂

  4. From Africa we read your blog. Many times we are challenged and encouraged by what you share. We pr some day Father will allow your family to come teach and share in this area of the world. Begin studying Arabic and you will soon be ready for the journey if He wills.

    His peace be in you!

  5. Dear Maxwells,
    Bless you for remembering the folks in the nursing home. I have been an LPN in several homes, and my dear husband and daughter each work in different homes. We have all been brought to tears by these wonderful, forgotten people.
    Thanks again,


    God does bless us so richly. We also love those people and it is the best church we have been a part of.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  6. Could you please explain more about your nursing home church, or direcct me to a former blog post, if necessary? I am very interested in hearing more about it!


    We have had our church fellowship there for 5 years now. We love those people and they love us. We thought we would be able to bless them, but they bless us far, far, more than we ever could imagine. We don’t have any problems with immodesty, with youth groups or contemporary music. When we travel, Nathan and Melanie take over the service for us.

    I’m not sure what to else to say. The whole family loves the elderly. Joseph calls them the jewels of the faith. They are the cast-offs off our society, but precious in the sight of the Lord Jesus. A nursing home church is the definition of pure religion as found in James 1:27. Anyone curious is welcome to visit us at Golden Living in Lansing, KS Sunday mornings at 9:30. I do have more information I can email you if you would like.

    In Christ Jesus,


  7. my mother has alzheimers, and you have no idea the smile your post brought to my heart. thank you so for sharing such a simple blessing. you are all awesome in your ministry. blessings.

  8. I go to a local nursing home two mornings a week as part of my job and assist the residents with their banking. I have been blessed over and over again by these dear ones! One man brings me fruit and one old gentleman tells me that I make his day brighter. Although I am “supposed” to be there as a professional, I have been able to share the Lord with them. But they are really the ones who bless me! A few weeks ago I loved listening to a dear old woman who suddenly decided to play beautiful hymns on the piano as her daughter sang along. I plan to quit my job soon so that I can homeschool my daughter (and because it is what I believe the Lord is leading me to do…to be a keeper of our home!!) However, I might still be able to work it out to have my young lady do some volunteer work there when I am busy with the residents! (That was suggested to me, anyway since I am the only one right now who is willing to spend those hours there 🙁 ) I am considering how the rest of our children can be involved…my son who is now in the police academy used to give sermons at various nursing homes as part of his fiance’s family’s outreach. I am trying to come up with a craft for my 11 year old to do to let the residents hang on their walkers, canes or wheelchairs to show them God’s love and his Salvation!! (Any suggestions????) Nursing home ministries are wonderful things to do with our families!!
    I am praying faithfully for your dear Nathan, Melanie and precious Baby Max!!!! Beth B.

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