Melanie and I are a good way through a nice Sunday. We don’t normally “do business” on Sundays however with this being Mother’s Day and my desire to make Sundays in general, and this one specifically, special, she had Mexican (her choice) carryout for lunch. I ordered from a new semi-fast, authentic place that “had the best fajitas in Kansas City” the order taker said (not quite). But, Melanie liked her tacos and thanked me for having them go light on the cilantro!

We’re reading a George Muller biography together. We’ve just gotten to the part where he’s saved and committed himself as a missionary. We’re desiring to learn about prayer through this and looking forward to being challenged by his life.

Its funny, the cleaning crew very carefully cleans the tv each day. We’ve laughed about how that’s one thing we’d never know if it were grimy or not. We’ve wondered how many other rooms here don’t have the constant noise and filth spewing forth – probably not very many. For us, that’s a result of our commitment to “come out and be ye separate.” Sadly, weekend nights are movie nights for most in the US- including Christians. I wonder if people driving by your house (or walking past your room as in our case :)) will see the flash and glow of a TV or the lack of all that that comes from a family spending quality time together in the Bible. What light/Light is shining in your home?


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  1. Oh praise the Lord for another day little Baby Max is nestled in his/her sweet mommy’s womb! I had to stay home most of the day with some sick little ones, so I think I checked up on you about 20 times…and just kept praying!
    Someday, the 3 of you should come down here and I will make you some real Mexican food 🙂 Although we LOVE cilantro…I can’t wait to start our garden and grow it. Our neighbors have tons of it and share generously with us all the time. Tonight she gave us some cactus to fry up for supper. 🙂
    Happy Mothers Day Melanie! You’ve been a testimony and a beautiful example of a godly, loving mother to your 2 precious children.
    love and prayers,

  2. You came to mind this morning and I prayed for you. I know God cares about you and wants others, even strangers who read this blog just once in a while, to care as well. It is tremendous how small this big world gets when Christians unite in Jesus and listen to His voice. Take care.

  3. I am praying for you all!!! I just wanted to say that your comments about TV really hit home. My DH and I have been discussing getting rid of our satellite system. He is really pushing it; I have been hesitating. But your comments have really convinced me of what we need to do. Thanks for ministering to me!!

  4. Thank you for your honest, refreshing post. I am praying for Melanie and the baby.

  5. Thank-you Nathan for the update especially on Mother’s day. My prayers are with you. My daughter, Elizabeth Hope, was 32wks. and 4 days gesstation when we took her by c-section. She will soon turn 4 next month. My thoughts and prayers are with the three of you. May the peace that passes understanding keep you strong in the coming days!

    God Bless

  6. Good Morning, nathan and Melanie!

    I am so happy to hear an update when I came on here this morning to check. I am sure that the George Mueller biography is a great read. What is the name of the book?

    How wonderful that you and Melanie have had a restful Mothers Day, and Baby stayed put one more day! With my third baby, my water had broken at 29 weeks, and I was on hospital bedrest 5 weeks until a scheduled delivery at 34 weeks 2 days. My sweet boy weighed 4 lbs. 10 ozs and he was in “intermediate’ care for 8 days (there for body temperature issues and jaundiced)…Now he is almost 8 years old, and such a delight to his father and I.

    I certainly agree wholeheartedly with your views of television. I have enjoyed reading your direct yet loving style of communication. Maybe you should start a Nathan’s Corner? (smile)

    I am continuing to pray for you and Melanie as you wait for precious Baby to arrive. God in His grace and mercy is perfect.

  7. Dear Nathan, Thank you for your wonderful comments! I remember when I had my first child at 20…I turned the tv on in the hospital room and was distraught at what my newborn baby would hear! (I know…that dear child wouldn’t remember nor understand the words! But I just didn’t want that sinful influence in his life!) I eventually watched a puppet show! I should have just turned it off.
    I remember the first time a curse word was said in my baby Aaron’s presence. He was two weeks old…I was so sickened by it!! I still am and he has a little boy of his own now!! We have to guard our families, don’t we? Keep up the good work! My prayers are with you all! Beth B.

  8. Thanks for the update, Nathan! Glad to hear the little one is staying put for now, and will be born in God’s perfect timing.

    I hope Melanie had a lovely and blessed Mother’s Day! The Mexican food sounds good.

    Praying for you — Lisa in ND

  9. Thank you for the update. We are all praying for your family.
    Funny you should mention family time. We spend weekends reading as a family, playing games together, or whatever else brings closer together as a family and to God. I always say that the time we have together is too precious to waste on television!
    We look forward to your updates, and will continue to pray.

    The L. Family

  10. Thinking about your family. The Lord is always with you. Happy Mother’s Day!

    God Bless,

    Cindy in FL

  11. Still praying for you guys and checking in for updates. Thank you for your heartfelt post. I have found myself lately struggling with what to say and how to say it when another believer is involved with something that I feel strongly against. Not an immoral lifestyle or something typically viewed as “sin” but something that our family personally has strong convictions about. I often feel that I am being prideful or judgemental in my thoughts and I do not want that to be a part of my thought life. I appreciated the way your post on television causes us all as believers to examine what we allow into our families and face the fact that we must make a decision and it must be one that we will be willing to stand before God and explain without shame. The way you worded your convictions on tv really helps me with a situation I am in concerning how to express my convictions on another issue with fellow believers. So, thank you.

    As for tv, my husband decided we would keep a tv for an occasional family movie night and for our sons and him to watch an occasional football game. We never watch regular tv, so I am comfortable being obedient to my husband on this issue. Though I would also totally support not having one at all! Maybe one day this will be his conviction. What I am thankful for is that he made a decision on this issue that he feels comfortable with and did not just let it go and do what “everyone else does.” Even that is a huge testimony among the people we know, believers and non-believers. We personally know absolutely NO ONE who does not own a tv, and the vast majority of the believers that we know are totally hooked on certain prime time shows. It makes me very sad to think of not only the time wasted in their home, but the filth that they and their children are exposed to. I really appreciate the way your family speaks out on this issue and causes people to have to examine what they do and make a decision. I think most believers just carry on with what the norm for the culture is….tv, public school, immodest clothing…..just trying to stay one step “above” the lowest low and feeling good about the effort!

    Anyway, sorry for my soapbox. I am praying for all three of you today!

    God Bless.


    Shelby, well you do actually know two families now. Ours and Nathans. 🙂

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  12. I’ve been checking up on you and thinking of you regularly. I’ve been praying for you and the hospital staff fervently. I am so glad all is still quiet.

  13. We are praying for you, Melanie and Baby! Thanks for the
    update. Especially appreciated the comments about T.V.
    We have three that we use for some tapes we use for school.
    Our t.v.’s don’t have the new updated thing on them that
    will be required in 2009 when all regular t.v.’s will need them
    or they won’t work. We are so glad!!
    You’ve inspired to re-read George Muller to my kids.


  14. As I had a sleepless night, I kept my prayers streaming for your special intentions. Praying for your peace, comfort and health. Praying for baby’s too with such great anticipation! I have traveled a similar path and am with you in Spirit. God is good and each moment is so precious.
    From Minneapolis

  15. Glad you had a nice sunday! Especially happy to hear God has allowed Babymax a few more days!! Praise the Lord! Glad you enjoyed your Mexican…how fun:) Thinking and praying for health and strength for you and your family. God Bless you.

  16. Nathan: Since I met your fantastic family at the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan homeschool conference in February 2006, I have kept up with them. Even though I never met you or your wife, I grieved at your loss of Susannah, and now watch and wait for your updates. I truly pray for God’s hand on you both through this time and that in His time you will be holding your healthy baby.

    I cannot express how much your family has affected my life since I met them. I have never met a family who prayed so diligently for God to show them truths and then OBEY the direction of the Lord. I, too, do not have a TV and have not had one for 23 years since the Lord saved me. I now have a family with young children and they do not watch any TV anywhere. If a family member has one on, although that is rare because our conviction is generally respected, then we simply go into another room and find something else to do. What I so respect about your family, and your father in particular as the head of the family, is that he gained his conviction through his own connection with the Lord, and that is what I find rare. I happen to go a church that very strongly preaches against TV, so in all honesty, I first stopped watching TV out of respect for the preached word. I now have a full fledged conviction against it, but it came through the preached word and obedience to it (which of course, is essential as well) and not initially through my own seeking of the Lord. Although I believe both are essential for a true relationship with the Lord, it’s that true one-on-one connection to Jesus that I so admire about you all. That is what I believe is the biggest thing lacking in the lives of those who say they are Christians, myself included.

    Thank you all for your examples. I truly mean it.

  17. I am praying here! So glad that baby has stayed put! Praise God!

    As for TV, we have one, but only watch the occasional teaching DVD on it. But it was funny that you mentioned it in the hospital. I’ve had 3 c-sections, and 2 of my 3 miscarriages required hospital stays. I’ve had the TV on all 5 times. I never watch TV! And I’m always talking about how bad it is! But I guess I figured “what will I do laying in bed for hours/days?” (Especially after the miscarriages where there is no precious baby to stare at–only sorrow in your heart). Silly. I flip channels, get utterly disgusted at the filth, shut it off, repeat about 50 more times. I don’t know why I even pay for the foolish box when I am there.

    It just really was in my face all of a sudden when you wrote about it. If I am ever hospitalized again, I’ll just leave it. Thanks for making this stand out to me. I’m glad to have a plan ahead of time. I don’t know what I was thinking…

    Jill J

  18. Nathan,

    Are you able to do your work and be at Melanie’s side most of the time? Is it difficult to keep up your work obligations? We are praying for all three of you.

  19. I just wanted to tell you, I always was told that a baby MUST be born within 24 hours of the water breaking, for fear of infection getting in. If Melanie is not already seeing a Maternal-Fetal specialist, I highly suggest you consult with one. Good luck.


    They are under the care of specialists.

    God bless.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  20. I’ve been checking in regularly as you three have been on my heart so much. Your strong faith has certainly blessed me. Praying for you and awaiting the news.
    Carli E.

  21. James and I are praying for you and Baby Max. Everytime we come to Sahuaripa I check the status of your journey. We are traveling it with you, holding you up in prayer. I was especially thinking of you, Melanie, yesterday, Mother´s Day…Happy Mother´s Day, and may it have been the best one yet. Rest in our Saviour and know that you are safe in His everlasting arms. We wait to know the rest of the story. Thank you for keeping all of us posted. We love you, James and sara Grace

  22. Continuing to lift you three up in prayer to our gracious Lord!! Thank you for sharing a bit of your lives with us who have already been so blessed by your family. I was struggling two years ago as a mom/wife and came upon this site and ordered a book and then I ordered a whole bunch of books. I put our family on a new schedule which blessed us all tremendously, our children began wearing chore packs on their little pants, I felt called to homeschool with that “quiet and meek spirit”, I realized anew that I was to submit to my husband, my husband began doing family devotions every night with the family, I felt called to dress modestly and my little girls followed just by seeing me change, and we opened up our hearts to more children through the miracle of adoption. God used your family to open my eyes to so much and now to have the opportunity to pray for you all, I thank you!!!


    I find your sharing, wonder upon wonder. God is so incredible, isn’t He. He can take a bunch of nobodies, simple rocks (Luke 19:40) and use them to bless, encourage, and strengthen the Body of Christ. Bless you and your husband, Sister.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  23. I am praying for you and Melanie. I have the mothers of my MOMS OF MANY group also praying. I am also praying that the Lord will convict my husband to get rid of the TV. I try so hard not to watch it. my heart breaks when I cave in but so far husband wants to keep it for the news. I know the Lord will work in HIs timeing.

  24. still praying! I had to laugh when I read your part about the TV — here is another testimony …. when I had my baby a few months ago, he was born on a Saturday. No church for us on Sunday as we were still in the hospital 🙁 So our old church (we moved a few months before that) telecasts their sermons live online in real time on Sunday mornings. We had that playing our our laptop when the (usually grumpy) cleaning lady came by to clean the room. We noticed that she spent A LOT of time in our room and mopped the floor about three times over … she was listening! Even asked if my dh (a pastor himself now) preached like that. LOL!

    We can really be a light ANYWHERE!!!! Even in a hospital bed!

    Best wishes and update us again soon!

  25. Happy Mother’s Day, Melanie! Thank you so much for the precious update. I’ve “followed” your family for years now and I feel like we’re a part of your family! 🙂

  26. Nathan and Melanie,

    We are still praying for you all!! We are so thankful that baby Max is staying put and deciding to grow some more before he/she arrives 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day, Melanie! Mexican food sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. I asked for doughnuts!!

    Nathan, it was the tears in your father’s eyes as he spoke to us about “the beast” at a conference that convicted my husband to seek the Lord about television. We had TV at that time, even though we didn’t let the children watch TV, but only videos we chose. We got rid of them, except for a very small one with a video player so we can watch our home videos that we take. We also just had a baby, and I was surprised at how many nurses at the hospital kept asking if we would like the TV on – because it was never on! They were very surprised when we would tell them we don’t watch it, or have one out at home. We then received a card before we left the hospital from our labor and delivery nurse that stated how refreshing it was for her to be with us, a family led to walk the narrow path for the sake of our children’s hearts. I was especially blessed by her words, as we always are by your family and the things you share. Thank you!! We have been checking for updates all the time! You are in our thoughts so much, and we will continue to pray!!

    Thank you for blessing us! Stephanie for us all

  27. Just wanted to say we are praying for your sweet baby. I have been following everything and have felt as though we are on this ride together. I deliver in 10 days but thankfully this time around no problems. I know being in a hospital can be so very hard but I am sure you are a blessing to others (staff and maybe someone else you wouldn’t even think of). As far as TV goes I think it is great that so many have left comments that they feel the same way. It is a very lonely road we sometimes walk as the odd family out. My question would be what about computer time how does your family limit that? We are just as convinced that there is probably more filth on the internet than TV. We use filters and always keep it in a main location but the sin of it is still there and I am fearful that our children could be subjected to harm by it just as easily as a TV. Any suggestion? I have read through the Maxwell family books and also listened to the CDs but I haven’t heard anyone say anything about the computer. I would love to get your ideas and how your family deals with this since the computer is a daily thing now for most families. Looking forward to your wise opinions on this as we do value them to be God inspired. Missy P.



    We have discussed Nathan or Christopher writing up something detailed about protecting one’s family from the Internet but as you have noticed, we haven’t gotten that done yet. The Internet is like a chainsaw, very useful, but very very dangerous. We believe hardware filters are a necessary part of the right solution (currently we use Sonic Wall) and accountability as you mentioned. Everything goes through the firewall. However, you can have neighbors with open wireless access and be at risk that way. Even with that in place, our children (none of for that matter) don’t use the Internet just to surf (waste time). They have to have an approved purpose and usually we must be familiar with the site they want to go to. We don’t do chat rooms or that type of thing either.

    Teri is the one who administers the filter and I don’t know the password to it. The children’s computer in their room does not have Internet access. Actually, it doesn’t even have wireless as I lost their card.

    So that is it generally.

    God bless.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  28. We continue to praise God for holding your little one and yourselves in the palm of His hand during these days of waiting. We are all praying for you up here in Alaska….

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