The good news is that we have little new to report. That is a blessing – bed-rest is continuing, Melanie is being a good sport, and days are passing. It’s great having my family back. They returned right as Melanie’s family came down with illnesses. We enjoyed having different members of my family “pop” over for brief visits today. Anna and Mary worked on weeding some of our front flower beds, Dad looked at a trim issue I was having around my door, Mom was over a number of times and on one of her visits put together our lunch for tomorrow, Sarah was over this morning – don’t remember why, the guys stopped by to say hi as they came and went – it was very nice.

To make this post more interesting, I thought I’d post some pictures from our time at the hospital.


Pictures from when Melanie spent 2 weeks in the hospital

Melanie opening a small gift from a friend.


One of our cups in the foreground, with Melanie reading e-mail in the background.


Nathan in hospital room. Air-mattress in background.


Fixing wet hair. Showers were something to look forward to at the hospital.


Hospital bedrest.



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  1. Bless you both(and baby Max!) as you get nearer to parenthood. You remain in so many prayers–

  2. I’m so glad you both are back at home and your extended family is home safely. Melanie – you look wonderful! We are praying for Baby Max and thanking God for each day that goes by, giving your baby more time to grow safely.

    I hope you know what a blessing your family is to so many people. We love you.

    Mrs. L

    ps. Thanks for the updates – I look forward to them!

  3. We are praising the Lord that Baby Max (love the nickname…it’s catchy!!) is staying put and that Melanie is able to be back at home for now. The Lord has you in His hands! Praying for you all!!!!

  4. Praise the Lord for each days that passes wth baby still safely inside. 🙂 Will continue to pray for all of you. Thanks for sharing some pictures.

  5. What a sweet gal you have—you can see the joy in her eyes depsite the hard circumstances. So glad for her to be home now, where it is easier for everyone to keep her company and help meet your needs. We’re all cheering you on and praying for full-term delivery!

  6. we continue ti keep you in our prayers. melaine looks os beautiful and cheerful. continuing to pray that babymax stays put for days and weeks to come. we know god’s timing is perfect in all things. blessings, mrs. mari

  7. It’s really not fair that someone on bedrest can still look so pretty. 🙂 Praise the Lord for his mercy. In a few weeks you’ll have a healthy baby. Then the excitement will really start! Love, Valerie

  8. I thank you so much for every single update. I wait and check every single day. I know you guys are busy and the internet is not the most important. But I love every single one of the updates. I am praying for you guys and girls. Praise God baby Max is still put. God is so good.

  9. Thank you for posting the pictures and updates. We are still praying for you. The Lord keeps bringing Melanie to mind when I am not being cheerful and content. She is a wonderful example of accepting what God has for your life at any given time. Thank you for your testimony Melanie. I know it must be very hard for you. Have a blessed week!

  10. Nathan and Melanie,

    We love getting the updates! You both look so good. Thanks for sharing – and for the photos. We have been praying for you, as a family, all along. Here we were praying for baby Max to stay in, and for our baby to come out!! He was late, and very big (9 lbs 11 ozs) – but very healthy. We look forward to the birth of baby Max, but will continue to pray that it will be later than sooner.

    We continue to pray!! Stephanie for us all

  11. We love getting your updates — thanks for the photos! Melanie, you are radiant, and a beautiful mama! Praise God for your ability to be patient through all this bedrest! We can hardly wait to ‘meet’ your little Baby Max (or Maxine!) but hope he/she will continue growing stronger for a few more weeks. You are in our prayers daily!

  12. Blessings, and thankfulness that little Max is being patient! We also have a little Max due June 5 (God Willing!) (Our grandson!)..So, I pray that your little guy and his momma are doing well, and that the birth is a glorious moment!

    Blessings to your family.
    Kelly in Michigan

  13. I agree with the others – Melanie is an adorable young lady! I am praying that God will continue to help you to trust in Him. Your attitude testifies that our God is faithful.

  14. I will be praying for your family to stay strong and steadfast during this time. I too was on bedrest and did have a premie. Elizabeth was born at 32wks. 4days. Did Melanie get a shot to help mature the lungs of the baby? I will pray the baby will physically be healthy and strong. The spirit that is within will sustain you through this time.

    God Bless All of you!!!


    Yes, she did.

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