An Update on Chiplet

Chiplet is doing very well in his temporary “home”. Here is a little background on how Chiplet was found. Christopher and Sarah were on a walk on Thursday and discovered a little squirrel sitting solemnly in the easement next to the sidewalk. They stopped and looked, interested in the fact that it was so little, but he didn’t move. They assumed that the little guy was hurt so they called the Jesse and me to ride over on our bikes and pick him up. When we arrived on the scene he was still lying there gravely blinking at the world. I got my gloves on and carefully went to pick up the little “wayfaring stranger”. He, of course, was a little disturbed at the attempt to pick him up and tried to run. I noticed that something was a little strange in that when he tried to run he was on his side and was pushing himself along the ground. I put him into the box I had prepared and returned home.

Chiplet currently resides inside a cardboard box filled with wood chips. Since we didn’t know what was wrong with him we bought some special puppy milk (because cows’ milk will make him sick) and fed him. The sad part is that when I picked him up later that day I discovered that he was deformed. Chiplet is missing his limbs on the right side. It appears Chiplet was born this way. Since we cannot raise Chiplet to go wild, we have learned that by law he has to be given to the “humane society” since he is not able to live on his own in the wild. It is sad that he won’t have a “normal” squirrel life, but since sin entered, this world is no longer perfect. It is amazing that Jesus cares for the little sparrow, and he certainly cares for little Chiplet. We have really enjoyed our time with him.


For now he slurps his puppy milk down at regular intervals, and he likes being carried around the house. He has gained a lot of strength since Thursday, and is amazingly active and can function and move very well for what he has to work with. We are blessed to have found little Chiplet before he was found by an animal, and it will be very difficult to turn him over as required. 




3 thoughts on “An Update on Chiplet”

  1. dear maxwell family, it warms my heart to read your blog today and see you again helping along a lost squirrel. i love your devotion and love to all god’s creatures big and small. you truely are an inspiration to me in so many ways, and i cannot thank you enough. blessings, mrs. mari

  2. Very Precious! Having grown up in the country on a little farm, we had these kinds of experiences as well! Enjoy God’s little creation while you can! I had a little dove once! I am happy to see you caring for a little animal! God Bless You ALL…and especially Baby Max! Beth B.

  3. Oh, poor little Chiplet but how thankful that you found him. It’s a great shame you can’t care for him yourself, with such love and devotion in one family he’s sure to thrive but I hope the Humane Society treat him well when you pass him on.
    God bless you all. Amanda

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