Oh No, Not Again!



And now this morning:


A little abandoned squirrel was found. We’ve named him Chiplet. We’re giving him puppy milk through a syringe, and he has started taking it. 🙂


Three years in a row! Hmmmm!!!


6 thoughts on “Oh No, Not Again!”

  1. I wonder if it is the same squirrel, who just doesn’t know how to be a squirrel mommy? What fun to get to watch them grow and be released. You all do such a good job!

  2. Smart squirrel! He goes where there are experienced caregivers! Really though…three years in a row…that is amazing!

  3. Oh–how cute! Have fun taking care of him..The Lord
    cares even about sparrows–and squirrels..

    The H’s

  4. WOW! How do they find you? LOL! that is amazing- I read the post twice thinking ” it cant me another one-not again”
    Adrienne from NJ


    There is more to this story. It has taken a sad turn. We will get a post up.


  5. your family continues to be such a source of inspiration to me and my family. your love for all god’s creatures is treuly heartwarming and you honor him all you do and say. thank you again for being mentors for someone like me, blessings, mrs. mari

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