Home Sweet Home

The past two days have been spent settling back into life at home and working at catching up on things.

There is always a lot of mail to sort through, and the below picture doesn’t show all that we had (not to mention what we had sent to us on the road – thanks G&G :-)).


Sunday night, below, you’ll see some of the family happily chatting with Grandad and Grandma (and some were happily chatting with Nathan and Melanie over at their house!).


Honey was glad to have us home. Grandad and Grandma took good care of her. Mary was organizing book table tubs Monday, and Honey laid down amidst the mess.


It was quite a major task to unload the bus: and thank you to John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary who spent time unloading it!


Lawns to be mowed…



Green grass and beautiful flowers were almost surreal after seeing brown so long!


A VERY big thank you to Anna for taking most of these photos! Plus, she is our “behind the scenes” girl who picks out pictures for each blog post, works on them to make them the correct size and resolution. She is a blessing: thanks, Annie! 🙂

Sarah for the rest

8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Welcome home!

    A quick question? Are you settled into the new house yet?


    That would be nice but unfortunately, we are still quite a ways from that. We have all the flooring, doors, trim, deck, finish electrical and finish plumbing, and a fair amount of painting yet to do. It would be very nice if we can by the fall trip, but time will tell.

    God bless.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  2. Welcome Home! My husband and I had went to the conference in Duluth and we were very much encouraged!! Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you and your beautiful family!

  3. Maxwell Family,
    Welcome Home! We followed your trip and are continually encouraged by your family. Spring is beautiful, even here in Arizona the yellow and greens are magnificent.

    We are also continually praying for Baby Max, what an incredible blessing from the Lord.

    We pray for your family as well.

    God Bless,
    The Katheryn F. Family
    Tucson, AZ


    We were blessed to be with you all and looking forward to coming back.   In Christ Jesus, Steve

  4. Praise the Lord you all made it back home safely! Thank you for all the posts you did along the way admidst your busy schedule to keep us all updated. We enjoyed each one, the testimonies you shared, and it helped us in praying for you while you were on the road as well.
    Hope you are getting rest and recovery from all those days of travel! We know how tiring it can be, but are know the Lord has used you to bless and encourage so many lives. We are so very thankful for the work He has done in our hearts through your ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness!
    Daniel and Jaynee
    Timothy, Elijah, Rebekah, Benjamin, Abigail, Isaiah, Josiah, Noah, Susannah, Nehemiah, and Eliseo


    Bless you. We are beginning to “dig out.” You all are always such an encouragement. In Christ Jesus, Steve

  5. We re so glad that you got home safely. Is Melanie doing well at home and is she still on bedrest?


    Yes, very much on bedrest, and if God prompts we would be blesses by your prayers that the contractions would hold off.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

  6. My prayers for Melanie and the baby will continue. I pray that baby Max will stay in the best incubator ever invented – Mama!

  7. What a gorgeous dog! I have a golden retriever too. I think they are the best dogs – beautiful, smart, obedient, and great with kids! Do yall ever take Honey with you on your roadtrips?


    She is a good dog, well, except during thunderstorms. Then she is very unhappy and wants to share that with others. The children would love to take her on trips, and we almost had to this last one, when Melanie went into the hospital. She and Nathan have always taken care of her while we are gone. Grandma and Grandad stepped in and took that job for us.

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