Wrapping Up the Trip

We just finished up the last conference of this month-long trip. Set up for the MACHE conference began Thursday afternoon, so we drove a short distance to the convention center to begin our final set up for the trip. Jesse didn’t have to hand-truck in as many items, since we had shipped books ahead.


Set up was uneventful, and then we had a nice family evening. At one point, several of us needed to go back to the convention center, and the rest went on a walk along the lake and get pictures.

(Jesse with Lake Superior in the background.)


(Anna and Mary.)


(A drawbridge near the hotel and convention center.)


Friday and Saturday. Dad and Mom’s sessions went very well. At least one or two of the boys went with Dad and Mom to each session to help them set up and then stayed in the session. There wasn’t always all nine of us at the book tables, sometimes several of the family would wander around, chatting with other exhibitors and conference attendees. During the weekend, people often came to the booth and asked questions of Dad and Mom, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our interactions with so many different families.



(Dad talking to several fathers.)


(Dad and Mom giving Keeping Our Children’s Hearts.)


We saw more babies at this conference then we ever remember seeing at others. Since we know Baby Max may come early, we were especially interested in several preemie babies that had been born early, realizing Baby Max might be that tiny!



As we reflect back over the last month, we are so grateful for all the blessings the Lord has given us. From our travel safety, to many hearts that were touched, to having so much time together each day, to even Baby Max staying put :-).

Joyfully His,
Sarah for the rest of the family

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Trip”

  1. Hi Maxwell family!

    I was at the MACHE conference in Duluth and I must comment I was so impressed with how well your family handled your booth. The children were ALL very polite and pleasant to talk with.

    Teri, your Meek and Quiet Spirit workshop spoke volumes to me. God put me there for a reason. I am so humbled by you sharing your story and by seeing myself in several of the situations you described. I had purchased your book two years ago and I still struggle. I didn’t think I “needed” your workshop. (I had, after all, READ the book! :GRIN) My friend wanted to go and I dragged my feet going. The seeds planted this week-end are already growing. Yesterday in our busy homeschool day, all four children cheerfully reflected their mother’s quiet and (somewhat) meek spirit. What a difference your TONE of voice can make!!!! And that morning time with God is so important. I realize that now. I need to make that time. It’s just as important as breathing.

    God bless all of you and your ministry.

    He has truly given you a voice to help those in need.

    ~a grateful MN momma


    What a joy to hear God is working in your life.

    Steve and Teri

  2. Dear Maxwell Family,
    I am so thankful you are back home safe from a successful speaking schedule. I know the Lord will use the seeds of His truth, that were planted in hearts, to further His kingdom.
    I wanted to share part of a letter my 12 year old daughter Abby wrote me. She said “Hello, my sweet mother, words cannot explain how patient you are with me even when I can be stubborn and aggrivating. I just want to thank you for all that you do for me. You are patient, kind, loving, sweet, nice, wonderful, very generous, and beautiful all at the same time…It really struck me yesterday how non-selfish you are. I have not ever really thought about it, but you are not selfish at all. Please forgive me for any time that I have been disobedient to you and have not respected you. I love you…” As I read that I just had to laugh and praise the Lord because I know that was Him she was seeing and not me, because apart from Him I have no good thing. And to see how He is transforming her in the process. I remember a few years ago, right after I had read the book “Meek and Quiet Spirit” I longed to have that because I was so far from it. I began to cry out to the Lord to change my heart. I took the book and wrote down every scripture reference in it and began to meditate on them, putting them up on notecards everywhere I could see them. I can testify that God’s word changes you. I am absolutely not the same mama I was and Abby’s letter is proof of the Lord’s faithfulness to change us into His image if we are just willing to ask and obey His Word.
    Thank you for being one of the instruments the Lord has used in my life to accomplish His purposes. We love ya’ll !!

    Completely His,
    Leigh-Anne A.


    God is so good. Praise God you were willing to surrender to Him.   In Christ Jesus, Steve 

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