Fargo Conference

One of the joys for us of our traveling is seeing “old” friends. Two years ago, when we spoke at the Washington state convention, we met Andy Bradrick, who had come from Minnesota to help his family with the convention. Last night, there was a familiar face in the group, and it was Andy. We also had the privilege of meeting his wife and children, whom we hadn’t met previously.

(Andy Bradrick Family)


At the end of our evening conferences, we almost always sing two songs accompanied by our instruments. Last night we had a first-time occurrence with that. The group wanted an encore. Steve questioned them because we were already a few minutes over our 9:30 dismissal time, but they indicated they wanted another song.

The group that invited us to speak in Fargo, provided us with a wonderful dinner before the conference. After the sessions, when we were packed up and loading the bus, the organizers invited us to join them at a nearby Dairy Queen. We were treated to ice cream sundaes and a time of fellowship with two families.

Trusting in Jesus,

Uriah definitely needed to be washed. So, we took him to a Blue Beacon truck wash.


You know it’s windy when…




2 thoughts on “Fargo Conference”

  1. Thank you for coming to Fargo on your way to the MACHE conference in Duluth. Your family was a blessing to us. The children were so excited to tell us what they learned in their sessions on being a godly young woman or man. We were so glad you did an encore last night, we were really wanting to hear more of the music, since we also play gospel bluegrass, and I know of other families who play together that were there, too. We love to hear other families and see how they work together to minister in music. We’ll be driving those 2 lane roads right behind you on our way to MACHE Thursday. We look forward to hearing you minister there, too. God Bless, Lori & Jeff K. and Family

  2. Blessings,

    Thank you for sharing your journeys with us. I just love your website! And everything you offer.

    Again, thank you for your ministry.
    Blessings, Kelly

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