A few photos as we drive…

Today we’ve been driving from Fargo, ND, to Duluth, MN. Minnesota – the “land of ten thousand lakes” is pretty, although the winter scenery isn’t very colorful.

Spring seems to arrive a little later here in the north; many of the lakes are still frozen! Although the temperature has been a pleasant 62 degrees as we have been driving.

I took a break from my computer work and borrowed Joseph’s camera to take a few photos. At that same time we started the lunch sandwich process. Unfortunately, the new bag of bread had not been taken out of the freezer, so those that were having bread (instead of tortillas) for their sandwich had to individually defrost their pieces of bread. I put mine in the sun by the front windshield and let it defrost as I was taking pictures.

Playing with shutter speeds and motion blur while photographing vehicles that are passing us heading the opposite direction on the interstate. (too fast of a shutter speed freezes all of the motion in the picture, a slow shutter speed without panning results in everything being blurred, whereas a slow shutter speed and panning along with the passing vehicle results in a sharp vehicle and a blurred background)

Coming up to pass (yet another) semi-truck. As we passed one semi-truck driver this morning he waved at as, and Dad (and others) waved back. But the truck driver seemed to be signaling something with his hand. At first we thought he was indicating that we were too close to him and needed to move over, but truckers would usually hit their horn in such a situation. After we had passed the truck Dad inspected the bus as best he could in the mirrors and noticed one of the rear engine side compartment doors was open. When we came to a flat and straight section of the Interstate Dad pulled over and Joseph ran back (avoiding the dead raccoon that was laying in the grass) to close the compartment.

Anna working on her “laptop” computer? One of our cash registers died on this trip and we had to purchase a new one. Anna has been working on learning the new register and programming the various products into it.

Because there is no easy (read as: interstate) route from Fargo to Duluth, we’ve had to travel a fair distance on two-lane roads. We’ve seen a lot of picturesque farms and small towns.

I enjoy seeing the various streams as we travel…

And there are plenty of trees!

In Christ,

3 thoughts on “A few photos as we drive…”

  1. Why do you all wear dresses and wear the same clothes? I’m just curious.


    Well actually, I should clarify here. We don’t all wear dresses, just the ladies (grin). We believe Scripture calls the ladies to be modest, and we feel that is best done by wearing loose jumpers. Jesus said, “Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.” Mark 10:19 We believe wearing dresses allows them not to defraud.

    Also, you have caught us. It is true, when we travel we don’t have room to bring a varied wardrobe. The clothes for nine people take up a lot of room and so we have just a few changes based on what we are doing. We have two sets of matching music outfits and three sets of travel clothes each.

    God bless. In Christ Jesus, Steve

    not to defraud others and

  2. Loved the pictures. You’re quite the photographer. Thanks for the tips, too.

    You all are a blessing to more than you know. The MOTH schedule book is wonderful and I’ve recommended it to many.

  3. Oooh, I LOVED seeing all these pictures! I was born and raised in Minnesota and I miss it so SO much! My husband and I (and baby daughter) now live in Ireland and I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the great updates!

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