Red Deer, Alberta

We had a great weekend with the AHEA Convention in Red Deer, Alberta. With six of our family having come down with colds, we were in much prayer about the music session Friday night. The Lord Jesus showed Himself strong on our behalf and allowed voices to hold up through the music session plus the speaking sessions. Most are now over their colds.

Friday and Saturday were full of sessions, which were well attended. That says to us that those at the convention were interested in our messages. People who talked to us through out the weekend were positive, saying they were encouraged and challenged.

(Mary was straightening up the book table. After a “rush” of people come through, the tables need a bit of organizing!)


(Sarah took this photo as I was talking to a lady at the convention Saturday.)


We had more opportunity to talk with members of the AHEA board than we often have at conventions because of being included in a dinner with them on Thursday night. On Saturday evening our hostess and her family took us to a quiet restaurant where we could eat and relax after the busy weekend. The AHEA board took very good care of us during our time with them. We were blessed.

On this trip, we are making the transition to life on the road with one bathroom in which to get nine people ready for the day. When we traveled with the van and trailer, we had to have two hotel rooms which provided us with two bathrooms. Now with the boys sleeping in the bus, we only need one hotel room and that means only one bathroom. As you can imagine, we have quite a structured morning-bathroom-use schedule!

We rejoice each day that goes by without a call from Nathan and Melanie saying that Baby Max has arrived. When we started this trip 3 ½ weeks ago, with the doctors having put Melanie on bed rest and indicating the birth of Baby Max was likely to be soon, we could hardly imagine returning home with no baby’s arrival. Now having only a week left of our trip, we are hopeful that we will get home and be able to be part of the bed rest support team rather than the baby-in-the-NICU support team. Thank you, Jesus. We are grateful for your prayers for Nathan, Melanie, and baby Max.

As you pray, we would love for you to pray for the hearts of those who come to our sessions in Fargo, ND, Tuesday night and then at the Minnesota state convention this weekend and what the Lord wants to do in their lives.

Trusting in Jesus,

(These baskets were dropped off at our hotel Thursday as a gift from the AHEA board!)


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  1. I want to thank all of you for your wonderfulness in Red Deer this weekend. I especially want to thank Teri. I wanted to speak with her on Friday, but didn’t want to intrude on what was a very busy schedule. Nonetheless, Teri truly ministered to me through her talks.

    Steve has planted some wonderful seeds in my husband, too. After hearing the talk, “Feed My Sheep” Saturday night, we returned to our hotel room and got out the Gideon Bible in the nightstand and had our first family Devotions! We have now had three consecutive sessions…and the Lord is revealing a lot to us about our family. After a long absence from His presence, I started reading my own Bible this morning.
    Thank you all so much. I just wanted to hang around your table to see all your bright shining faces!
    –a sister in Christ,


    I wished you had spoken to Teri. She really wants to talk to moms as much as possible. What a joy to hear about your husband being encouraged and you all being in the Word now. God will use that.

    God bless. In Christ Jesus, Steve

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