Border Crossing and Northern Montana

(Update: We are now safely in Fargo, North Dakota.)

Mountains we saw after we left Red Deer.


We are always grateful when we have a smooth, quick border crossing. Coming back into the US, there was no line at all, but the traffic into Canada was really backed up. We had to briefly pull into the inspection area while an agent came on the bus and asked a couple of questions about anything we had purchased in Canada. Then we were on our way again.


We drove through an area of the US we had never seen before when we came through northern Montana. We were especially impressed with the headwaters of the Missouri River and thought about how we often cross that same river, hundreds of miles away, as we drive from Leavenworth to Kansas City. The Interstate went through the Little Belt Mountains with the Missouri River flowing along a beautiful valley beside it.


(We saw this house on the rock edge above the Missouri River. Very scenic.)


We can tell spring is arriving even in the northern parts of the country, where it still isn’t green, but the front of the bus and windshield is now covered with splattered bugs. We not only enjoy the beauty of God’s creation as we travel but all the mama and baby animals this time of year.

(Uriah is quite bug-splattered, but he’ll get a wash very soon!)


Steve has felt a bit lonely in his driving now that he is back on US Interstates. In Canada, on the two lane highways, the truckers all waved to each other, and they waved to Steve as well. He quickly picked up the friendly greeting, not only returning waves but initiating them as well. Steve is missing those waves.

Trusting in Jesus,


We saw several semis, such as the one below, transporting wrecked train cars. We wondered if we would actually see where the wreck was, and about an hour or two down the road, we saw where it had happened.


Motoring down the Interstate in Uriah.


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  1. Dear Maxwell Family;
    My goodness what an exciting time for your family! I hope that you return home safely and I’ll be praying for y’all in your travels. And that dear little baby!!! Boy will Baby Max be surprised when he grows up and you tell him that people all over the country were checking in every day to see how he was doing. The power of prayer is just amazing isn’t it?
    Leigh in NYC

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