Conferences Report and On To Canada

Our evening conference in Bend, Oregon, was a good one. The attendance was higher than we expected, and the hearts were receptive. In Sarah’s girls’ and young ladies session, she said she had one of the most attentive groups yet. Some were even taking notes.

We were delighted to have a clear day to enjoy the beautiful drive from Redmond, Oregon, to McMinnville through the mountains. There was over a hundred and twenty inches of snow on the ground at the pass.



The conference in McMinnville was another one that exceeded our expectations concerning the number who came and open hearts to our message. The church provided us with dinner before the conference. We were happily surprised when the brother of friends of ours – retired school teachers – from Leavenworth, drove forty-five minutes to say hello.


With great joy, Steve was able to say in the Keeping Our Children’s Hearts session that the conservative church that was sponsoring the conference and in which it was being held, had no youth group. Seldom do we speak in a church with no youth group, and many families are looking for a church like that.

Today we move into Canada for weekend conferences the next two weekends. We are praying for a smooth border crossing both ways. Because of the books and materials we bring with us, there is a great amount of detailed paperwork that needs to be accurately completed.

Trusting in Jesus,

5 thoughts on “Conferences Report and On To Canada”

  1. praying for safe trip crossing border into canada , i am sure weekend conf will be blessing and rewarding.

  2. I will be praying for things to go smootly at the border. I lived near a border town to Canada when I was young. It was much easier to cross over in those days. I can’t believe it actually takes a passport to get across now! Maxwells, you are so organized that I am thinking you will indeed have all your paperwork in order! 🙂
    As to your comments about youth groups; I concur. We belong to a conservative church that had no youth group until recently. I was so disapointed to see them start one. In saying so I received a lot of odd looks from people. I am praying that time will show that this youth group was not such a wise idea, but sadly most of the church was happy to see in started.
    Laura D.

  3. Thank you for you conference in McMinnville last night. It was great! It really encouraged me in the Lord. Thank you!

  4. Hello Dear Maxwell Family!

    We are praying for you all during your NW Conferences. May our Lord protect, guide and strengthen you as you serve together.

    Rejoicing in Him,

    The Y’s

  5. So glad to read this update as we continue to pray for you with the trip and Nathan, Melanie and Baby Maxwell back at home.


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