Still in Oregon

(We weren’t able to post this yesterday, the 31st. We’ll be updating on our Bend conference later.)  

We moved to The Dalles, Oregon, on Friday for the weekend conference. We seem to be taking winter weather with us as we travel. The beautiful views were obscured by low-hanging clouds, but as we neared The Dalles, we could catch glimpses of the Columbia River and the hills surrounding it.

Despite light snow on Friday evening, there was a good-sized group in attendance. We felt the reception to the conference was positive. Many shared with us the challenge the Lord was giving to them and their renewed vision of seeking His direction for their family – as a family.

After the conference, we loaded up, ate dinner, and drove to Redmond, Oregon, where we will stay until Tuesday morning after the Bend, Oregon, conference. It was a challenging drive because of how tired Steve was, many hairpin turns, and most of the trip being up and down hill. In the van that wouldn’t have been so difficult, but with the bus Steve has to be cautious not to overheat the brakes so the downhill miles are slow and tedious.

Our Bend, Oregon, host family graciously invited us to stay in their grandparents’ mobile home, which is next to their house, because the grandparents chose to visit other family members – just so we can stay there. We are very grateful for the housing, food, and fellowship provided our family while we are in Redmond.

We are praying for our evening conference tonight and the one tomorrow. We always look forward to meeting any of you who are able to join us for a conference. Please be sure to introduce yourself to us.

Trusting in Jesus,





Little girl getting a drink of water.


Tight turns going from The Dalles to Bend.

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  1. My husband and I have a vacation home in Sunriver, Oregon, just south of Bend. We have made that drive many times and oh, the turns are so tight, even in a car! I can imagine your anxiety in your bus! I am glad your trip went well and safely!

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