Today in Steamboat Springs

Joseph, John and I spent about twelve hours with the installer today, while the rest of the family spent most of their day in the hotel room. They did take one trip out to see if they could find Jesse a cowboy hat. He’s been wanting one a long time, but the didn’t find one that fit.

The installer was a craftsman and takes great pride in his work. The negative, is things always take longer than desired. We will pack out of the room tomorrow morning and the family will wait on Uriah while we try and complete the work.

After they finish we drive six hundred miles to Twin Falls, Idaho, unless it gets too late and we are too tired after the bus work. Sunday we go on into Ontario, Idaho where we have a conference Tuesday night.

Our hearts are very much back with Nathan and Melanie. We know so many are praying and we are very grateful.

We received a very amusing email today from a family we will be seeing soon. They knew we were in Steamboat Springs today and decided to check the local webcam to see what the weather conditions are. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, below is the webcam photo that they saw this morning.


God bless.

In Christ Jesus,

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  1. Glad you all are having a safe trip! Our family will be praying for Melanie and Baby Max during the next couple months.

    I was wondering, does Melanie enjoy any kind of knitting, crocheting, or other hand sewing? I was trying to think of things that might be diverting for her while she’s on bedrest. I was only on bedrest for two weeks with my third baby, but I know how slowly the days can seem to go by…

    May God give you His words during your upcoming conferences, and may He soften the hearts of those in attendance, preparing them to receive the messages you give.

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