Driving Through Winter Weather

We stopped for diesel outside of Denver, and the weather was beautiful: it felt like spring and in the 70’s. After we left Denver and started up into the mountains, the temperature dropped, and soon we hit light snow. We drove through light snow for awhile until suddenly the combination of snow/altitude created a whole different situation as the roads changed to snow/slush. Please pray as we go the last 60 miles to Steamboat Springs. We do have chains we can put on the bus if necessary. 🙂 Only for Jesus, Sarah for the rest winterweather.jpg

One thought on “Driving Through Winter Weather”

  1. Great picture! I hope to order your scheduling book. I need it. We have 5 kids under the age of 10 and a business out of our home.

    Can’t wait to get it in the mail!!

    I would like to place a link to you on my blog. Do you have a 125×125 button I could have a copy of?

    Take care,

    Thank you for asking. We have a Titus2 button, but not a specific one for the bloog. God bless.

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