On Our Way to Perryton, Texas

We are on our way to the weekend conference in Perryton, Texas. Wintry weather moved into Kansas this morning, and we had sleet and light snow. The roads were for the most part okay. The weather will be warm (around 50 degrees!) tomorrow, so we’re grateful for that. Please pray for those are coming to the conference, that the Lord Jesus will work in hearts.

The boys dived into a quick project before we left: they built a wall for the boys’ bunk area. This will make it so that we only have to heat a portion of the bus at night. The generator is now wired up so the boys will be able to run a couple of space heaters.


We are excited to have Nathan and Melanie join us this weekend. We look forward to meeting some of you!

Joyfully His,
Sarah for the rest of the family


Anna and Mary about to get into the bus. (Notice the little “insect” Anna is holding? We bought him and his buddy, “Pray”, at a store in Arizona. “Pray” hangs off of the ceiling near the front, and we need to now find a good place for his buddy. When we hit a bump, “Pray” jumps/bounces :-).)


Grandad and Grandma waving good-bye.


We all gathered inside the bus to pray, rather than outside because of the weather.

2 thoughts on “On Our Way to Perryton, Texas”

  1. We will pray that all goes well, that hearts are changed and that weather pleasant, making the trip an easy one. Please let Nathan and Melanie know that Baby Maxwell are in our prayers as well. May your love of Jesus and of family be evident to all that you come in contact with. God bless.

    Katheryn F. and Family

  2. We will have you especially in our prayers over the next few days. Tell Melanie I pray for her and “baby” every day, as do many of our chitlins 🙂 May the Lord work mightly through you as you serve Him.

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