On Our Way Again!

After several hours of working, a mechanic took the bearings Dad had purchased locally, to a machinist who machined a part, to make the bearings work. Then, he assembled it. We are very grateful for his help! We are bypassing touring Carlsbad Caverns, and we’re headed for El Paso. A bus place there has the part, and we will see if we can get it from them yet tonight. We’re so grateful that Uriah is back on the road.

Serving Jesus,


The mechanic who kindly helped us and Dad.


Uriah’s belts are working again!! Praise the Lord.

New Mexico Disappointment

We’re still in the city of Carlsbad, not visiting the Caverns like the original plan had been. As we were packing out of the hotel this morning, John discovered that a pully (which is used to cool the engine) had self-destructed. We were able to drive the bus to an auto parts store, and from there, we’ve gone to many different auto parts stores in Carlsbad, and no one seems to have the part we need. Dad, John, and Joseph are working to try to get a temporary fix. If that doesn’t work, we’ll stay here and wait for the new part to arrive tomorrow morning. Then, we’ll be on our way to Tucson for our weekend conference.

Please pray that we can get Uriah working very soon!



Now in New Mexico

We’re now in Carlsbad, New Mexico – a first for most of us, with the exception of Dad and Mom.

Last night’s conference in Waco was a blessing. We were delighted in seeing two families we have known through e-mail: one we’ve met before, and the other we hadn’t met in person. What a blessing to be able to see them.

Uriah continues to hang in there. We stopped at a truck repair place today, because Dad was concerned about some oil leaking from a wheel hub and wanted to check it out. A man was very helpful and even came out to look at it and give Dad a little informative lesson (tonight we saw we lost that hubcab – oops!). Mom is a pro at making lunch, and the bus makes it very easy to spread out a bit. We wrote postcards to our nursing home friends today; Mom even has a system for that.

We’re excited to be able to see Carlsbad Caverns tomorrow morning. We normally don’t have time to sight-see on these trips, but we are getting up early and will drive late to be able to see the Caverns. We’ll be sure to post pictures later.

Only for Jesus,


The church in Houston (with Uriah :-)).


Dad and John finishing up at the truck repair stop.


Dad and Mom speaking last night in Waco.


Mary-with a New Mexico sunset in the background!


Jesse-working on school


Mary-writing a postcard.


Motoring down the road in Uriah.


Lunch time! 🙂


New Mexico Sunset

PS – Special thanks to Anna for picking out the pictures and working with them :-)!

In Texas

Thank you for your continued prayers. Uriah has had some issues, but he’s still running. We discovered the air conditioner didn’t work, so we had several warm days (it didn’t feel like January for temperatures to be in the upper 70’s and humid!). But, we’re glad for a cool front, and the pleasant temperatures inside. Uriah also had an engine leak, but the boys were able to get it stopped. Please keep praying that Uriah will be able to keep on without any major repairs.

We drove to the Houston area yesterday afternoon, and we arrived safely late in the afternoon. For our first evening conference, the set up went smoothly! The coordinators graciously provided us a wonderful dinner. After three meals of sandwiches, we were very grateful for the home-cooked meal.

The sessions went well last night, and hearts were extremely receptive. We enjoyed our evening in the Houston area.

We’re doing a conference in Waco tonight!

Joyfully His,

The Trip Begins

We arrived safely tonight in Ennis, Texas. The last few days have been very busy in preparing for this trip, so it was nice to just climb into Uriah and rest. It was a delight to start out with having church with our dear friends at the nursing home, and we left from there. Uriah handled very well today, and Christopher even took a turn driving so that Dad could take a nap. We will drive the rest of the way to the Houston area tomorrow, where we’ll be doing an evening conference.

Thank you for your prayers. Dad has said that this is a trip of many unknowns due to our new transportation. We’ll have lots of new opportunities to trust the Lord each day.

Looking forward to meeting many of you over the next few weeks!

Joyfully His,


Praying before we set out this morning!

Preparing for the Trip

Life is in high gear here as we prepare to leave on a three week trip from church on Sunday. Everyone has something to do, and for this trip, we have called in the reserves – Grandad and Grandma. Grandma ironed thirty items for us earlier this week, and she came over to help Sarah yesterday. Both Grandad and Grandma helped today.

We are making curtains for the bus and doing some work inside to make it so that the boys can sleep on it for this trip. The bus just came back from the shop last night so there is much we couldn’t do until it was here. We are excited to take our first long trip on Uriah, and we are praising the Lord continually for His provision.

Trusting In Jesus,