The Grand Canyon

We woke up early Wednesday morning so that we could get started on our way to the Grand Canyon. The night before, John had noticed a notch in one of Uriah’s tires, and Dad felt since it was quite deep, we should have it looked at somewhere to see if we needed a new one. As we were approaching Flagstaff, Dad was able to call a tire place, that had been referred to him by a mechanic. We found the tire shop, the man looked at the tire, and he recommended that we replace both tag tires due to the “injury” and that fact that both were eight years old. The guy told Dad he was lucky (we know otherwise :-)) because they were the only warehouse in northern Arizona that had those tires, and since it was a cold day, he had men that could do it right then. We had our family Bible time while the tires were being changed. We knew if the process took too long, we wouldn’t be able to go to the Grand Canyon. But, around noon, we were on our way, and arrived at the Grand Canyon around 1:30.

It was an exciting feeling to walk to the edge of the South Rim and gaze at God’s amazing creation. The brochure said the Grand Canyon took millions of years to form, and yet even Jesse (13) could wonder why all or most rivers aren’t in canyons that deep. Christopher mentioned as a side note, scientists were not able to study the actual forming of the Grand Canyon, but they have been able to study the Little Grand Canyon at Mt. St. Helens which is 1/40th the size of the Grand Canyon and was formed in one day.

We spent some time taking in the scene and admiring it, before we walked along the trail. There were icy spots on the trail, but it was not windy, so we had a pleasant time together as we walked. It seemed the more you looked at the Grand Canyon, the more you could see. We marveled at all the different trails that could be hiked way down in the Canyon. We are very grateful that the Lord gave us those few hours; what a blessing.

We are now in Anaheim, California. Again, we felt the Lord’s hand driving here yesterday afternoon and evening. In spite of all the traffic, we didn’t “experience” even one slow down, which was wonderful. We are praying for this weekend’s conference and look forward to seeing some of you!

Serving Jesus,
Sarah for the rest of the family

The Grand Canyon

The beautiful Grand Canyon!


Most of the family looking out over the GC.




Dad and Mom

Dad and Mom

Joseph taking a picture

Joseph taking a picture of Christopher.

The Family

We asked someone to take this family picture.

SAM Sisters (Sarah, Anna, Mary)

Fountain Hills and Show Low Report

It is incredible to see the Lord continue to work out details regarding Uriah. We were preparing to leave Tucson Monday morning, and John found that the transmission dipstick was dry–not a good thing! Dad found a truck place that had the fluid, so we packed out of the hotel and headed there. A mechanic came out to look at it, and he showed Dad a “secret way” to check the fluid level electronically. This indicated that the fluid was perfect, so we were very glad that we hadn’t been running on low transmission fluid. We also had had a oil leak, and Dad asked them if they would be able to fix that. The mechanic assured Dad they could, and it wouldn’t take long. We had a sweet time doing family devotions while Uriah was getting fixed. Soon, we were on our way to Fountain Hills. The conference coordinator had invited us to a picnic, and we arrived in time.

Fountain Hills has a very nice park with a beautiful fountain that goes off every hour.



We had a blessed time of fellowship with several families; thank you!

The set up continues to go smoothly for the conferences. Everyone has their own jobs, and it’s great teamwork as we prepare for the evening. Monday night went very well, and we pray lives were eternally affected. As we packed out of the conference, many people helped us carry things out to Uriah, which was a blessing!

Tuesday we headed up in the mountains for Show Low. It was a pretty drive; we went from seeing cactus to pine trees. Show Low is a mountainous community, and we were blessed by the families that came out for the conference.

Church at Show Low

(The church at Show Low.)

We’ll post later (with pictures) on our Grand Canyon visit this afternoon!

Joyfully His,
Sarah for the rest of the family

Weekend Report

We are grateful to each of our conference coordinators for all the work they put into the conference. After set up Friday afternoon, we had family devotions in the bus, and then the coordinator brought us dinner: a delicious taste of the southwest.

The music session went well, and our audience was the most interactive of all the groups we’ve sung for so far! In between sessions, a highlight for our family is being able to speak with families. Our prayer is that the Lord Jesus is glorified in everything shared during each session and in the other conversations.

After listening to our church service via cell phone to the nursing home yesterday morning, Dad, Joseph, John, and Jesse were out at the bus, when a car pulled up with a mom and son, who had attended the conference, They had been surprised to see our bus behind a hotel as they were returning from their morning church service, which is amazing since they didn’t know where we were staying and would have only had a second to see the bus between buildings. They decided to go to Trader Joe’s and purchase John some birthday gifts since yesterday was his birthday. They brought a large bag of goodies and a huge several foot-long box of cookies! We were very touched by their thoughtfulness to John. Thank you :-)!

Tonight we’ll be going to Fountain Hills (outside of Phoenix) for an evening conference.

Only for Jesus,


John, with the goodies that a family blessed him with!


Christopher speaking to the young people Saturday.


Anna and I at the book tables (Mary and some of the others are on the other end of the tables.).


Joseph took this picture yesterday of a palm tree.

The Beauty of God’s Handiwork

Our family was really looking forward to visiting Carlsbad Caverns and seeing the wonder of God’s handiwork. That is why there was some disappointment when Uriah was “broken,” and we would not be able to stop at the Caverns on our way to Tucson.

Oh, but God’s handiwork is not limited to old, cold stone, and it is best observed in the lives of His children. We simply exchanged one opportunity to praise God for another. Late in the morning, it became obvious that the part we needed was simply not available in Carlsbad and to overnight a part in would mean we would be late for our Tucson conference.. We had been to every parts store and machinist in Carlsbad and there were no local options. Without God clearly intervening, we were stuck.

I have to admit, in my flesh I really prefer to be “in control” and have no problems. However, if difficulties mean my children (and their father) grow to a deeper level of trust in the mighty hand of the Lord God, then that is my desire.

So after all options were exhausted, God began to work. He opened doors to make a fabricated part to get us going and then provided a new factory part in El Paso. I was clearly out of my comfort zone driving Uriah in downtown El Paso rush hour traffic as we tried to find the coach lines that was going to sell us a new part. We even had the opportunity to meet new friends and share Christ’s love with them.

Serving a risen Lord sure beats a stale, dead religion any day even though it will mean we are out of our comfort zone.

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

In Christ Jesus, Steve for everyone


Beautiful mountains.



Downtown El Paso.


Joseph, with a bus mechanic, where we were able to locate the part we needed in El Paso.


Sunset in El Paso

Sunset in El Paso.