Still driving…

We are now in Oklahoma, and the sun is definitely up :-). Dad was able to sleep for 5 hours while Christopher drove. During that time, a lot of the family was able to sleep, but we always kept one person awake to talk to the driver! We have managed to stay ahead of the storm, and the areas we are now passing through will have even stronger winds than we’re experiencing right now this afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers. we are very grateful. We hope to be home by dinnertime–an amazing whirlwind drive home.

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest of the family

One thought on “Still driving…”

  1. Sarah, I am praying for a safe drive home for your family, and for great prosperity in what you have sown for the Lord. Question – do you have any book(s) in the works? We read each of the Moodys books as they came out, then started all over and read them again. We are hungry for more books like them, and hope that the Lord will give you opportunities to write more. Thank you for sticking to a very high standard in these books. Too many writers and publishers set low standards in their efforts to make their characters “believable”. This only encourages us to be comfortable with our sin.

    ——— Dear Mrs. Lisa, I don’t have a book outline yet, but as I’ve prayed about writing more books, I do feel the Lord is leading. So, in the near future, I hope to begin another Moody book. Thank you for your encouragement. If your children have ideas for what they’d like to see in any other book, I’d love to hear them! ~Sarah ———

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