A Smoking Descent!

The second weekend conference is now over. Each conference has been such a blessing in its own way by the people we meet, the stories we hear, and the Lord Jesus working in lives. We arrived in the LA area with no traffic issues Thursday night. It was very picturesque to see the lights of the city as we drove out of the mountains.

Friday’s set up went well, and we had time to do a run through our songs. Our coordinators brought dinner for us. They also took us to a Vietnamese restaurant on Saturday evening after the conference for a cultural experience. None of us had eaten Vietnamese food before, so it was a treat.

Church in LA

(The LA church where the conference was held.)

There was a good group for the sessions Friday evening, and families continue to enjoy the music. Saturday was a busy day for everyone. Joseph, John, and Jesse help Dad, Mom, Christopher, and I get set up for our sessions, and then throughout the day, Joseph and John help Dad and Mom with any other speaking needs they may have.

Anna, Jesse, and Mary are a great book table team and run it very efficiently. At lunch, a sweet mom had provided a delicious meal for us, which was a special blessing. The message we shared throughout the weekend was extremely well received. We are grateful to each family who took the time to come to the conference this weekend. We pray you will experience fruit that will be eternal.

Going around downtown LA

(Downtown LA as we went on the outskirts of it.)

We know many are praying and we are very grateful. As we were coming out of the mountains today on a very long steep grade, the boys said they smelled something burning. Dad took the next exit he could, and we pulled off. John hopped out, with Joseph close behind, and they said our front wheel was smoking! Most of us hurried out of the bus to see what was happening. After some examination, it was decided that the brakes had become very hot, and the buildup of oil on the rim from a leaking seal was smoking. Once Dad confirmed the other front wheel was also pretty hot, it meant that there was nothing seriously wrong with that wheel. Dad had slowed way down, used a lower gear, and pumped the brakes as we descended, but decided from then on, we would be going down even slower. We were grateful that we didn’t have a serious problem, and we started off again to help cool the wheels. Uriah continues to provide excitement to a trip that we’ve not experienced before!

Examining the problem

Examining the smoking wheel!

Helpful Tools?

Helpful tools??!!

Blowing Dust

Blowing dust as we drove toward San Luis Obispo area.

Practicing Music

Practicing music in the bus tonight.

We look forward to Monday night’s conference in the San Luis Obispo area.

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest of the family

6 thoughts on “A Smoking Descent!”

  1. We’ve been following your blog for a while now and can’t wait to meet you in person tonight. May you have a blessed time here in the San Luis Obispo area. I pray that the Lord allows your family to enjoy the “SLO” life as we call it.
    Thank you for your continual encouragement (and humor too)!
    Karen C.

  2. Yippy!
    We can’t wait til tonight! Really looking forward to meeting you all!

    May God continue to bless you.

    love, the Joanna C. and family

  3. i really enjoy your web site , wish i could hear you in person your family such blessing have safe trip

  4. Dearest Maxwell Family,

    You blessed me beyond words and expressions this past weekend! Friday evening I arrived a few minutes after the worship began and I just sat and soaked in every beautiful words from the songs. It was a refreshment to my soul. Hearing the specific songs were also a blessing because my two little ones and I are singing them at home every day right now and they would have enjoyed hearing you if they had not been home a little sick.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you shared. It convicted and at the same time stirred my soul!!! There is such a strong desire in my heart for us to follow and serve our Lord more passionately than we have been and the talk of the “beast” was just awesome. I am praying that my husband will agree to remove it ASAP. He was also ill and was not able to make it!!
    But again, it was such a privilege to meet such your family. I had been looking forward to this conference for quite some time.
    There is so much more I would love to say but I will stop for now and just let you know that you are in my prayers.
    Serving Him,
    Monica D.


    Bless you and we are delighted it was encouraging.

    In Christ Jesus,


  5. Our WHOLE WORLD has been tossed & ruffled & my husband & I are overwhelmed with all you had to share. We now know God calls us ALL to greatness & not just luke warm Christianity. So- thank you & God Bless you all as you share the Lord & all he has put on your hearts & in your lives. My husband commented on how joyful & beautiful all the children in your family are! It was a true joy to experience & we hope to meet you all again.

  6. Dear Maxwell Family,

    Thank you so much for your time and obedience to the Lord. We were very blessed to be able to come and here you speak in the LA area. We were so blessed to hear you play your instuments and was hoping you could point us in the right direction. We currently take music lessons for our oldest 2. The younger ones want to play as well and I was curious where you went to get your instuments and what you used to teach yourselves to play so well. My 5 year old wants to get a fiddle and learn how to play but I do not know where to begin. Your wisdom would be much appreciated.

    Thank you again,


    Go to http://www.familiesforJesus.com

    God bless.

    In Christ Jesus,



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