2 thoughts on “Pictures from Last Friday’s Music Evening”

  1. We so enjoyed your music when you came to Cincinnati. When will you make a CD? 🙂


    We have had others asking that question. We have been waiting until we feel our music is to point worth recording and the Lord is clearly saying to do it. Thank you for asking.

    In Christ Jesus,


  2. I love being able to read your blog and look at your pictures!! You have no idea the magnitude of God’s using your family if not for anything more than others like myself, being able to be encouraged in modesty,and family togetherness. Without a vision the people perish, God has given our family a vision for the last seven years,we have a 9 yr old, 7 yr old, and 5 yr old. Sometimes I can become weary in well doing but when I look at your family and see how much you love one another, welll that is the vision I want for my children. I guess I’m trying to say that we look at your family with the eyes of our heart and say ” yes Lord our family too!! (WE KNOW NO FAMILY IS PERFECT)
    I can go on and on about how your products ( and we do own many) have also been a huge blessing to us. Being that I wasnt taught at all about homemaking, modesty, or the desire to have a Godly Home.So as I teach my children, God in his faithfullness is teaching me too. Well God bless you,keep you, and continue to lead you into his good and perfect will.


    Bless you and thank you for the encouragement. Jesus said that if others are quiet, even the stones will cry out. That’s us. May the Lord use each of our families for His glory.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

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