Weekend Report

We are grateful to each of our conference coordinators for all the work they put into the conference. After set up Friday afternoon, we had family devotions in the bus, and then the coordinator brought us dinner: a delicious taste of the southwest.

The music session went well, and our audience was the most interactive of all the groups we’ve sung for so far! In between sessions, a highlight for our family is being able to speak with families. Our prayer is that the Lord Jesus is glorified in everything shared during each session and in the other conversations.

After listening to our church service via cell phone to the nursing home yesterday morning, Dad, Joseph, John, and Jesse were out at the bus, when a car pulled up with a mom and son, who had attended the conference, They had been surprised to see our bus behind a hotel as they were returning from their morning church service, which is amazing since they didn’t know where we were staying and would have only had a second to see the bus between buildings. They decided to go to Trader Joe’s and purchase John some birthday gifts since yesterday was his birthday. They brought a large bag of goodies and a huge several foot-long box of cookies! We were very touched by their thoughtfulness to John. Thank you :-)!

Tonight we’ll be going to Fountain Hills (outside of Phoenix) for an evening conference.

Only for Jesus,


John, with the goodies that a family blessed him with!


Christopher speaking to the young people Saturday.


Anna and I at the book tables (Mary and some of the others are on the other end of the tables.).


Joseph took this picture yesterday of a palm tree.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Report”

  1. Love your ministry! Thank you for Managers of Their Homes. My husband and I have seven blessings with one more on the way! With two sets of twins that are ages 3 and 4…and homeschooling our 6, 8, & 9 year olds, we are always on our toes. Wanted to come to Watertown, NY when you were there in the fall but it didn’t work out. Thanks again for your ministry to moms and more!

  2. We were so blessed to attend the conference!!! Oh, if you could only know the anticipation we felt, the encouragement we received, and all the good nuggets we gleaned!!!! Thank you for all the efforts made for our edification. WE are grateful for each and every one of you…it was really fun to see the instruments close up, and to see that we can learn to play for God’s glory without years of lessons, and substitute independent learning instead.Thank you for all the smiles, love and enthusiasm from some very appreciative people.


    Bless you. We are so grateful for those who came.

    God bless.


  3. I think that all of the pictures with the various mechanics will one day be a humorous reminder of the first days with Uriah! What an added opportunity to share Christ with so many men you might have never met. I am so glad you use each opportunity to share Him with everyone you meet.

    Blessings on the rest of your trip!

  4. Thank you SO much for taking the trip out to Tucson. Getting here was a trial for sure but through fire comes purification and that is what you did for us out here in the desert: a little “cold water for our thirsty soul” Pro 25:25 It was my birthday the weekend you were here and I can honestly say it was the best time – most rewarding time – for my husband and me. We both have been changed in great ways as one sister put it “Conviction with Encouragement” If you could see our family before and our family after your books and seminars you would truly see God’s handiwork. Thank you for taking up the Call and being His tools. And please come back! 🙂


    It was a great blessing for us. The church has also invited us back and so it is a matter of prayer as to when.

    God bless.

    In Christ Jesus, Steve

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