New Mexico Disappointment

We’re still in the city of Carlsbad, not visiting the Caverns like the original plan had been. As we were packing out of the hotel this morning, John discovered that a pully (which is used to cool the engine) had self-destructed. We were able to drive the bus to an auto parts store, and from there, we’ve gone to many different auto parts stores in Carlsbad, and no one seems to have the part we need. Dad, John, and Joseph are working to try to get a temporary fix. If that doesn’t work, we’ll stay here and wait for the new part to arrive tomorrow morning. Then, we’ll be on our way to Tucson for our weekend conference.

Please pray that we can get Uriah working very soon!



4 thoughts on “New Mexico Disappointment”

  1. I am sorry that you will not get to see the caverns. They would have been worth your time. I remember visiting them as a child. However, every unexpected “thing” is yet another opportunity for you to see God’s faithfullness. Our faith could not grow if we didn’t have to rely on God.
    Securing a location in Tucson was very challenging. I considered not even trying anymore several times because of the stress it was causing me. But I got to see God’s faithfullness. Now to see you facing challenges to get here makes me even more excited to see how God is going to use this conference in my life. God is going to be glorified, I can feel it in my bones!! I can’t wait to meet you. I will see you tomorrow!!

  2. Praying that Uriah stays “healthy”, and that this trip knits you all together even more as a family.

  3. We’ll continue praying for your trip and Uriah! We were really blessed and encouraged in Waco. Thanks so much for speaking the truth and challenging families even when you receive such opposition.

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