Now in New Mexico

We’re now in Carlsbad, New Mexico – a first for most of us, with the exception of Dad and Mom.

Last night’s conference in Waco was a blessing. We were delighted in seeing two families we have known through e-mail: one we’ve met before, and the other we hadn’t met in person. What a blessing to be able to see them.

Uriah continues to hang in there. We stopped at a truck repair place today, because Dad was concerned about some oil leaking from a wheel hub and wanted to check it out. A man was very helpful and even came out to look at it and give Dad a little informative lesson (tonight we saw we lost that hubcab – oops!). Mom is a pro at making lunch, and the bus makes it very easy to spread out a bit. We wrote postcards to our nursing home friends today; Mom even has a system for that.

We’re excited to be able to see Carlsbad Caverns tomorrow morning. We normally don’t have time to sight-see on these trips, but we are getting up early and will drive late to be able to see the Caverns. We’ll be sure to post pictures later.

Only for Jesus,


The church in Houston (with Uriah :-)).


Dad and John finishing up at the truck repair stop.


Dad and Mom speaking last night in Waco.


Mary-with a New Mexico sunset in the background!


Jesse-working on school


Mary-writing a postcard.


Motoring down the road in Uriah.


Lunch time! 🙂


New Mexico Sunset

PS – Special thanks to Anna for picking out the pictures and working with them :-)!