Preparing for the Trip

Life is in high gear here as we prepare to leave on a three week trip from church on Sunday. Everyone has something to do, and for this trip, we have called in the reserves – Grandad and Grandma. Grandma ironed thirty items for us earlier this week, and she came over to help Sarah yesterday. Both Grandad and Grandma helped today.

We are making curtains for the bus and doing some work inside to make it so that the boys can sleep on it for this trip. The bus just came back from the shop last night so there is much we couldn’t do until it was here. We are excited to take our first long trip on Uriah, and we are praising the Lord continually for His provision.

Trusting In Jesus,




8 thoughts on “Preparing for the Trip”

  1. Praying for you. Working on: Publicity, bus parking. Waiting on: The Lord. Looking forward to meeting you.

  2. We will be praying for you Maxwell family! You were all such a blessing to us at the conference in RI I just know the Lord will use your ministry to touch lives on the West Coast:-) We hope you get out this way again. Uriah looks good–glad your travel will be comfortable. God Bless!

  3. Hello there
    We are excited to meet you and listen to you in Atascadero, CA!

    May you have a safe journey and may God bless you all.

    I pray for you when the Holy Spirit brings you to mind in regards to the loss of the sweet baby girl last year.

    Praise be to God for all things.

    with Love Mike & Joanna C.
    Parents of Maddie, Malorie, (Matthew who is held in the arms of Jesus) Micah, Mason, Baby Montana

  4. I am so excited for all the people who are going to be blessed by your journey!

    I pray all goes well, both technically and spiritually.

  5. My prayers are with your precious family. I was wondering if Melanie has had an ultrasound and if this pregnancy is going well? I am praying for her as well, and think of her often. I lost a baby last month at 17 weeks, and the emotional pain was overwhelming. I cannot imagine losing a child like she did.

  6. I know I am little bit late reading this email. I am not sure why I miss it though. I was typing the word sewing in your blog search and I came upon 2 entry.

    I love looking at people sewing. It is one of my favorite hobby & I study fashion for awhile. I like your sewing room. I am trying to create a sewing room also it took me awhile but it worth the wait.

    Thank you for sharing your sewing projects and room. I appreciate it.

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