It’s the happiest season of all…

And so begins a rather popular Christmas song. As I am in different businesses and hear all the “secular” songs about being so happy and what a wonderful time of year it is I realize that not everyone has those feelings. My route home often includes passing a funeral home, they had a full parking lot tonight. A friend of ours recently delivered a child with a fatal birth defect – she lived just over an hour. Melanie and I look at our approaching times of Christmas celebration and are keenly aware Susannah isn’t with us.
For those grieving a loss or struggling in other areas, it doesn’t mean Christmas can’t be celebrated. Christmas isn’t about how we feel. Christmas is about remembering the plan God set in motion for us. Yes, this plan didn’t begin at Christ’s birth, but that was when it became so real to mankind. Without all the “happy” feelings and distractions, we have the chance to celebrate in a genuine, heart-felt way. We can come before God and be real, sharing both our hurting hearts and gratefulness for His love expressed. I recently read in John how the Israelites would gather in Jerusalem for the feasts; they would come together and worship. This worship probably included song and praise, but I also think it included times of quietness and reflection. Hannah’s heart-felt request for a child came during a trip to the tabernacle to worship. (1 Sam. 1:3 & 1:11)

I also wanted to update you on how Melanie and I are doing. . . . The pregnancy seems to be progressing well. We are greatly desiring and praying that we can be “normal” this time and not have to go down the “high-risk” road. We have heard the baby’s heartbeat twice – each time a huge blessing and encouragement. Melanie’s energy level seems to be up just a bit, something we were hoping for in the second trimester.

We recently returned to the hospital where Susannah was delivered and cared for. It was a good, but challenging visit. Standing outside her room in the NICU brought back so many memories. We were able to see two of the nurses that had cared for her as well as her delivery doctor. It wasn’t an easy time but it was good for us.
God has faithfully cared for us this past year, we are amazed at how He will send encouragement just when we need it. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us, posted a comment to encourage us, mourned and rejoiced with us.

We wish you a blessed Christmas.

Nathan, Melanie and Baby

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  1. The Lord is so faithful to us. I have prayed that the Lord Blesses you this Christmas in a special way. -In Christ, Cindy

  2. Thank you for your update. We continue to pray for you daily. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart.


  3. We are continuing to hold you up in prayers. It took a long time after our Ally died for the pain to subside – and even years later there are times when we still remember with grief. However, God is always faithful – and we have learned so much of Him, had so many areas of ministry and found a deeper faith than ever imagined.

    Trust you have a wonderful Christmas. “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!”

    Rob and Martie

  4. Thank you so much for continuing to inform us about how you and Melanie are doing. I’m happy to hear her pregnancy is progressing and that you have heard the baby’s heart beat twice. How precious those moments are! I often think of you both and pray for you. May God bless you and the fruit of your labor for His glory in 2008.
    Merry Christmas to all the Maxwell family

  5. Thank you for your faithful testimony of our Lord! We pray that the Lord would continue to bless you and Melanie!

  6. This Christmas was a rough one for our family as well since we should have been holding a new little this Christmas that has gone to be with the Lord. We’ve been holding your family up in our prayers and will continue to do so. Thanks for the update!


    Bless you. I’m very sorry.

  7. you and melaine are a truely a blessing, and we keep you in our daily prayers. thank you for your update. blessings, mrs. mari

  8. Just wanted to stop by your web-site here as recommended by a friend. OH am I finding so many wonderful resources and know I will be a frequent visitor. 🙂

    I just read your entry about your wife Melanie and that you are hoping for a “normal” pregnancy. HA! Is there such a one? I say that to encourage you, hear me out. God is truly good as you certainly know and no matter what you must face, He is faithful to bring you through it. I had what would be considered “normal” for my first born. I never thought anything different could ever happen. Then I became pregnant again and we lost this precious soul only a couple of months along and at Christmas. It was a very difficult time as I’m sure you can imagine. Then I was pregnant again and thought, surely this will be “normal” because God knows how much I grieved my loss. Well, that pregnancy was anything but “normal”! I had so many difficulties and issues you’d be reading until you needed pretty thick glasses. lol My son was born at 33wks premature. He is 4 now and a real go-getter. Now, my husband said we were “done” and my heart longed for another. Ifinally submitted to his wishes and agreed only to find out a week later we were pregnant. This time I figure God will definately give me grace for this one, Not SO! issues, high risk, the works. Not as bad as with my second son but it was stressful. We made it to 38 weeks and he is one month old already! Praise the Lord!

    I am telling you this to hopefully share that even when we so desire “normal” and God has another plan, it isn’t always bad. You will get through it. In the end when you hold your precious baby, the bedrest, illnesses, bizarre issues and pains, etc. (I’ve had many!) will just become another reminder of God’s care. I think He has taught me through this just how precarious life is in a fallen world and how we (I) must depend on Him. I cannot control the circumstances of my life, I can only trust in Him and ask for His help along the way.

    I will pray for you Melanie, it is so hard to have a high risk pregnancy, I’ve had three. I know all to well the fear, loss and grief and expectancy. May this pregnancy be easy on you and may you hold this precious baby in your arms and shout praises to our King for His goodness.


  9. Going back to the hospital where our Home-gone child spent most or all of her was life downright horrible… the first time.

    The second time was easier.

    By the third time we could laugh about a funny memory.

    Going back after our second is born is truely a blessing indeed.

    Keep trusting the Lord!

  10. It is so comforted to know how faithful our LORD is towards His faithful children. I haven’t been reading this blog for a while but this is indeed a good news to me. Praise the LORD for His mercy and goodness to His children. Will keep you and family in prayer.

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