24 Hours and Still Going…

As of 10 a.m. yesterday morning, our electricity went out! Quite a bit of the Midwest has experienced a major ice storm over the last day or two. It has been an adventure being without electricity, but we’re doing great. We rented a small generator yesterday, so we no longer have to hand-bail our sump (we must have an underground spring at this current house!), and we can actually power several computers. Christopher spent some time this morning getting my computer set up so that I could still ship Titus2.com orders.

If you can believe this, Nathan and Melanie, right across the street, still have electricity! Grandad, Grandma, and our family had dinner over there last night, as well as devotions. We had all settled down for devotions in the living room, when a thunderous noise echoed outside. The guys (and some of the girls) jumped up, and the guys hurried outside. The noise sounded like a tree had hit the house, but praise the Lord, it hadn’t.

Devotions this morning were done by flashlights and headlamps. We’re praying for those in Oklahoma who have been greatly affected by this storm. I can only imagine how it must be for them right now.

As I went with Dad to Home Depot yesterday, I mentioned to him how it was amazing that some people had power yet others of us didn’t. Dad said it was a picture of those who are saved and those who aren’t; some people are living in dark and others are in light. It truly changes a life whether you have light or not :-)!

Only for Jesus,
PS – We saw a power truck just drive by, so the power may be on soon!




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  1. Thank you for your prayers for OK! We have electricity, but several in our neighborhood still don’t. Fortunately, calls are being made to church members offering places to stay until the electricity comes back on. Our backyard’s trees look similar to your pictures!

  2. What beautiful pics! Makes us miss home. Although we don’t get the snow where we’re at here in Colombia, we do get electrical outages and water outages. Keep up the great family ministry.

  3. What beautiful pictures, a wonderul way to show God’s handiwork. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know you all. Merry Christmas

  4. Thanks for the update – our family was praying for yours and wondering if you’d lost power. We continue to pray for everyone else without power. The pictures are beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous photos — thanks for sharing them! Power outages can be inconvenient, but they can also be a fun challenge (unless, of course, you end up losing everything in the refrigerator!). Glad you are all safe and officially ‘in the light’ again!

  6. I want it to snow where we are, but seeing those pictures and hearing about the electricity reminds me of a ice storm we had a few years ago. I do not want to go through that again. I would like a snow so the children could play in it though.
    Enjoy your blog.

  7. We finally have electricity after six days, and we are all rejoicing.

    It has been a wonderful (although harrowing) experience…we are thankful for our fireplace, and for our experience with scouts, as we were able to cook many healthy (smoky) meals in it lol!

    I say wonderful because even our smallest children have been thankful for all that we have been given by the Lord, and more sympathetic for those among us who are less fortunate. Our four year old son insisted today that we work extra hard to help all those who are homeless and seeking help, ‘stuck out in the cold snow without even a roof to protect them’ he said. WIth so many staying in the convention center it’s a wonderful time to stock up on essentials, including Bibles, to deliver. It is in this time that so many seek God more strongly, and dh has led us to returning many of our presents to help fund this venture. Dollar Tree has good Bibles for a dollar yet! They aren’t fancy, but the word of God can be spread to many.


    Bless you all. What a wonderful endeavor.


  8. the pictures are beautiful, but it does make me sad to think of the destruction that comes from such great beauty. i will be keeping you all, OK, ARK in my prayers.

    the energy grids are a mystery aren’t they? we have tremendous wind storms here in western washington and i am so amazed when one side of the street loses power and another side keeps it. it does make it easier to help each other out when someone has power.

    merry christmas to you all. blessings, mrs. mari

  9. We had some of the same icy conditions up here in Ohio. Praise the Lord we did not lose power…the only thing that came of it was gorgeous pictures!

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