Uriah Update

Many have asked why we named the bus Uriah. I love the name Uriah because of who Uriah was in Scripture. He was a valiant, obedient, and faithful man. His life deeply touches mine.

The brief glimpse that we have of Uriah shows his heart’s desire was to serve his king, even in personal hardship and to the point of giving his life. In 2 Samuel 11, he is out with the army during the campaign. David recalls Uriah so that David could attempt to hide his sin with Bathsheba. Uriah forsook the comfort of his own home because his fellow soldiers were in the field at war. He is then sent back to battle and travels confidentially carrying a letter commanding his own death. As a skilled warrior, he would have known that the command, in the manner it was given to take the city, was foolish. Yet, he obeyed to the death. That is the way it is when we are committed to obeying someone. Praise God our Head is the Lord Jesus Who doesn’t fail. Sadly though, we may fail in hearing Him correctly at times.

Therefore, I felt Uriah was an appropriate title for our transportation. I do not picture Uriah as being handsome. This old bus is not very handsome either. Most newer buses are amazingly good looking, but Uriah can’t compare. Our desire is that once we get him mechanically into shape and converted, he will faithfully serve us. Uriah was a mighty man who lived to serve his king and died in his service. We just pray this Uriah will have a long life before he gives it up.

Sorry it took so long to get an answer.

God bless.

In Christ Jesus,

2 thoughts on “Uriah Update”

  1. Silly question…does Uriah have a potty?! It seems to me that is what delays us so much in our travels…potty breaks with all the kiddos! If you could bypass the stopping for breaks, you could make up so much time on the road!


    He does have a somewhat functional one now, but we will be converting him to a fully functional bathroom with shower.


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