Uriah is Coming Home!

6:10 a.m., Thursday morning – The adventure begins! Dad and Christopher start the 16-hour, nine-hundred plus mile journey to Bassett, Virginia. Winter weather is predicted for our area, but gratefully they have left before the storm comes through.

The plan is that this will be a whirlwind trip, with Dad and Christopher arriving home sometime Saturday. Please pray for their safety while they travel and for all the details of bringing the bus home! We’ll try to keep you updated on their progress.

Here’s a picture of the van and trailer taken yesterday afternoon. The van has served us faithfully these past several years.

Only for Jesus,


One thought on “Uriah is Coming Home!”

  1. Praying for a safe journey and traveling mercies for Steve and Christopher. Uriah looks like a formidable new member of the family. I pray he (it?) will transport your dear family safely in the years to come.

    Merry Christmas to your family from ours. Thank you for your love for God. You have taught me so much.

    Pamela L.

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