A Grateful Heart

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name” (Psalms 100:4).

Am I grateful for each precious minute the Lord gives me to be with my family member? I don’t know how long the Lord will give me with my family. Our little Susannah Joy was only with us for three short days in March. I think back to Melanie’s pregnancy, and how if we had known what was going to happen, it would have been very difficult to bear. Yet, we didn’t know ahead of time, and the Lord’s grace was sufficient and was given when we needed it. Our hearts are overflowing over the Lord’s gift of baby #2. We all have been extremely touched to read the many comments after Nathan’s blog post. We are ecstatic over the incredible blessing of this new little one.

We’re thankful for the nursing home church we have. Those precious people love us (not to mention how much we love them!) and pray for us when we’re gone on the road. Their delight when we arrive safely back is very evident. Sunday morning church is the highlight of some of the residents’ week. What a joy it is to be able to fellowship with these dear saints.

Part of Thanksgiving Day we spent joyfully working on the house together. The guys were finishing up some of the final small areas to sheetrock, while Dad and Jesse working on mudding, and Mom and I worked on clean up. We are thankful the Lord provided for the house and the ability for the Titus2 ministry to have more room.

As we enter into this Christmas season, my desire is that my focus would be on my Savior, the Redeemer of the World.

Only for Jesus,


Mary, a wonderful helper :-)!


Mom has diligently helped carry sheetrock scraps out from the different rooms to the garage. We’ll be taking the scraps to the dump!




The great mudding pair!


I’ve helped also with cleanup and carrying sheetrock scraps.

3 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart”

  1. We too are so thankful to the Lord for His countless benefits! We thank Him for the blessing you’ve been to us and to so many others.
    The children always enjoy looking at the pictures you post. As I read them this post, they thought “mudding” was making adobe bricks (like they do here 🙂 ). I told them no, it was for sealing seams of sheet rock (they gave me the look of confusion since we don’t uses sheet rock here either). So I just kept reading on…then when we got to the pictures and showed them the one of guys “mudding” I began to explain further. Josiah said, “But where is the mud?”. Before I could answer Ben said, “The mud in the United States is different…it is white cuz it’s cleaner.” 🙂
    Oh…and I read a chapter of a book outloud to the children each morning after while they finish their breakfast. We just finished “Stories of the Pilgrims” and we needed to pick out a new book. Timothy wanted to read something that had to do with Christmas…We began looking through our books shelves and Elijah said, “How about “Winter with the Moody’s” ? ” Shouts of joy and agreement followed by the rest of the clan…this will be our 3rd time reading it aloud and the boys have read it themselves too. It’s obviously a family favorite.
    Thank you Sarah for your hard work in writing those books! Have a wonderful week in Jesus!


  2. Sarah,
    What great photos of you all working together! When we look at these, you prompt me to be better about taking photos of “everyday” life and getting those stories in the kids’ scrapbooks. Family work projects are a big part of our everyday life!
    We are still praying for you all – and especially Nathan and Melanie and that little one!

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